Home hacks: How to personalise your rental property


November 1, 2018 • Real Estate • Views: 473

Personalising your rental property can make your stay at home feel more welcoming and warm. Doing certain things can create great change – here are a couple of ideas on how to personalise your rental property:

Change your walls

Changing your walls is an easy and effective method to personalise your rental property. Pick out some wallpaper or choose a paint colour you enjoy to transform your living space. You can even do this regularly depending on your style tastes and season.

Keeping your walls up-to-date with your style will reflect a creative and positive home you will always want to return to! Even adding some posters from your favourite movies or shows can add a personal touch to your home – and it can show guests your interests and a bit about who you are as a person.

Shelves can also be placed on walls, but make sure you are making full use of them as a bare shelf looks lonely. Your personal collection of books, figures or products can be placed on a shelf easily, meaning that you can make use of space while at the same time personalising your home.

Adding neon light features to walls is another idea that can brighten your space and show a bit of personality. Just find a design you like and your walls will thank you for it.


Customise the exterior of your rental property

With permission from your landlord, you may be able to change the exterior of your home. This includes changing your walls and even your roof.

Changing the design or texture of your walls and roof can really transform your home. You may even be able to change the colour of your walls and roof as well. Letting your creative side out and pursuing a modern flat roof or pink walls, for instance, is highly encouraged.

Even repairing an old roof that shows signs of cracks, decay and damage can make a huge difference to the appearance of your home – fixing your roof will definitely make your home look brand-new! Search ‘Roof repairs in Newcastle’, or your area, to find a reliable, trustworthy company.

Buy your own furniture

Buying your own furniture can really make your rental property feel like your own. Buying your own chairs, bed, tables and more will allow you to fill your home with things that represent your style and personality.

There are many budget-friendly shops out there that can accommodate your taste in furniture without you having to break the bank!

Look on Amazon for some great deals and check out IKEA and Home Bargains for a huge variety of stuff on the cheap. This stool and potted plant combo on IKEA’s blog is only £22 in total – perfect for filling space in a corner of a room and giving your home a natural-feel.

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