What Are Some Things To Avoid When Conducting a Solid Resume in 2018?


July 13, 2018 • Travel Tales • Views: 723

After years of interviewing and selecting job candidates, hiring managers can develop certain assumptions regarding signs of a potential mismatch between their company and an applicant. They can also react to items on a resume that cause them to think twice about bringing an applicant in for an interview. You’ll find some of the best accounting recruiters and financial headhunters at Beacon Resources and here are three things we recommend you look out for when putting a resume together.

Avoid These Red Flags in Your Resume


  • Accomplishments that can appear exaggerated by subjective adjectives

Hiring managers are more impressed by actual numbers – especially if they define your accomplishments in precise and quantitative before-and-after terms. Wherever possible, use dollar amounts, percentages and other numerical qualifiers when describing how you applied your skills.

  • Lengthy and unexplained gaps in employment

These could cause a hiring manager to think you may not be the best long-term investment. A well-written cover letter can help defuse a hiring manager’s concern by describing how you spent that time constructively. If you were furthering your education, earning career-related certifications or performing volunteer work, it shouldn’t be too much of an issue. If there were more personal reasons for a lengthy gap, it could require a more detailed explanation.

  • Positions held for less than one year

Short-term employment can cause a hiring manager to suspect you won’t stay for too long if hired. It could also suggest a more negative scenario if it raises suspicions of an involuntary termination for cause. If the position was a temporary assignment or seasonal, it’s best that it be noted on your resume. Lengthier explanations should go in your cover letter.

The Next Step for Your Resume

Beacon Resources can align your skills and experience with a position that will fit both your needs and those of the employer. We get to know the job candidates we work with so that we can develop the best possible employment arrangements. Contact us today and get started on developing your ideal career connection.


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