How to Stay Healthy When Traveling


January 6, 2018 • Travel Tips • Views: 141

If you’re traveling a lot in the coming year, then you may be concerned about how you will be able to stay fit and healthy while exploring new countries and cities. I personally love exploring a new place by tasting the local cuisine and this can be a little dangerous for my waist line. Over the past few years, after traveling to over 50 countries, I’ve learned a few ways to keep healthy and fit while out exploring. If you’re worried about staying healthy while traveling or just want some tips for managing your weight better, then check out my tips for how to stay healthy when traveling:

1. Stay Active
Choosing an adventure packed holiday is one of the easiest ways to stay slim and healthy while on the road for a few weeks or months. There are plenty of active holidays you can choose to go on, such as a sailing holiday, a skiing holiday or even a holiday where you plan to hike a lot. One of my favorite ways to travel is enjoying a walking holiday. You can choose to do this one of two ways: enjoying a specific walking holiday tour or just being adamant to walk more on your trip. A walking holiday has many benefits, namely helps you to keep fit, explore new places you might not be otherwise able to, and ensures that you stay mobile on your holiday which is great for weight management.

2. Eat Fruit
It can be tempting not to eat fruit, especially when traveling throughout developing countries where you may be concerned about food safety and food poisoning. The easiest types of fruit to eat while traveling are fruit with skins, such as bananas, oranges, and even kiwifruit. Their peels help them stay hygienic and ensure you don’t end up suffering from Bali Belly. Fruit is a great natural source of energy filled with minerals and vitamins that will help your skin glow and ensure that you enjoy constant levels of energy throughout the day. Carrying dried fruit, such as dried apple slices or banana chips is a great way to enjoy fruit in a pinch. Nut bars or just salted nuts also make an excellent snack and take up barely any room in your luggage.

3. Eat Less
The truth is when you’re traveling it can be tempting to visit restaurant after restaurant, ordering large meals and finishing them all. Restaurant portion sizes tend to be considerably more than you’d prepare at home and after a few weeks or months these extra calories can wind up showing as extra fat. if you’re traveling with a friend, why not consider sharing mains if you’re traveling in a country that has large portion sizes. If you’re really hungry, you can order an entire and a main, splitting two different dishes between the two of you. This is a great way to prevent overeating, and helps to ensure that you’re not spending too much money on wasted food!

4. Get to the Gym
If you’re on a short holiday, you don’t need to worry about the gym, but if you’re traveling any longer than 10 days then you’ll probably benefit by visiting the gym at least a few times on your vacation. I try to choose hotels or Airbnb accommodations that have gyms on site, making it easier for me to go along. If I’m in a certain city for a longer period, then I’ll check out what offers local gyms have and consider joining up or doing a free trial. I always feel so much better after a strong workout and it seems to feel even better when you’re traveling and overindulging in delicious food and treats. If there’s no gym where you’re staying, you can also check out to see if there are any of those outdoor gyms that are popping up in large cities around the world.

5. Get Enough Sleep
It can be challenging to get enough sleep especially when you’re changing time zones and traveling large distances. A few days before I leave on a big trip, I’ll make sure to sleep a little longer than usual. This gives my body extra time to fight any health issues that may be sneaking up on me and ensures I have a little ‘sleep reserve’ before I start on my holiday. Once away from home, I’m usually too excited to explore a new place my sleep gets neglected. When I’m exhausted and behind on sleep I really don’t enjoy my trip as much as I would had I been well rested. As such, I try to maintain my usual sleep/wake schedule as much as possible. I just find it’s easier on my body and helps me feel my best.

While it may be harder to get a decent sleep when you’re not in your own home, there are a few things that you can take along with you to help. If you are someone who doesn’t sleep well on a plane, taking some melatonin before you want to sleep is a great way to help you relax a little and have a deeper sleep. For me, eye masks, earbuds, and noise-canceling headphones are absolutely essential. I also tend to get pretty cold on planes, so if I’m traveling with an airline that doesn’t provide a blanket I’ll take my own to help me sleep! Avoid caffeine a few hours before your flight so that you can get as much sleep as possible.

6. Drink Sensibly
It can be tempting when you’re on holiday to forget what day it is and indulge in a few drinks or more every day. While you definitely need to make the most of your holiday and come home feeling like you had a great vacation, don’t forget to keep some balance when you’re out partying. Drink a ton of water to help compensate for any alcohol and be sure to check what you’re drinking, it can be common in developing countries to put cheaper alcohol in more expensive bottles in order to charge clients more. If you’re unsure of the quality of the bar you’re drinking in, consider ordering a bottle of wine, a bottle of spirits, or a beer that you see being opened. If you’re traveling alone, please take extra care as it can be dangerous to get really drunk with people you don’t know well.

Traveling is such a fun way to spend your time, but if you’re heading away longer than a couple of weeks then you might be curious for some tips to stay healthy while traveling. Use any of these tips and you’ll instantly see a shift in your health.

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