3 Awesome Reasons to Travel By Train

April 7, 2017 • Budget Travel, Travel Tips • Views: 3778


I love travel – it’s no surprise, considering I’ve got a whole blog dedicated to it. But the surprise might be, just how much I love to travel by train. I think it’s the most romantic, and most comfortable way to travel. I find it a lot easier to sleep on trains than planes or buses, but often I find myself so mesmerised by the beauty scenery outside, I can’t help by stare out the window for the entire journey! Many people just think of flying when they think of travel, so to get your inspired to take your next train trip, here are three awesome reasons to travel by train.

1) It’s so much more comfortable
You will have a bathroom onboard. There will likely someone coming around offering to purchase drinks and snacks – but at reasonable land prices. You can walk around as much as you want. There’s more leg room, enough space to put your bags near you, and many trains have tables so you can work or read. Recently I’ve been on a lot of trains that have free WIFI and charging stations, so it’s a great solution if you need to get some work done while you move to your next destination.
2) It can be really affordable
I’ve just discovered a simple trick that can save more than 75% off your fare. It’s so simple, you’ll probably be mad you didn’t discover it earlier. Booking your train ticket 8-10 weeks in advance results in incredible savings, allowing you to travel more often or to just enjoy the savings if you want! For more information on the savings you can make, check out this handy infographic from Voucher Cloud below:

3) Save time and hassle
No going through security, no making your way via taxi or public transport to some far away airport. Traveling by train is often faster, especially in places like Europe if you’re just going a relatively short distance. When you factor in getting to the airport, being there ages in advance, going through customs and security, it all adds up. Train stations are usually in the centre of a city, making it easier to get to and helping you to save precious time on your holiday!

I love traveling by train and I hope this handy guide helps inspire you to book your next train holiday.

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