Tips for Becoming Debt Free

September 2, 2020 • Budget Travel • Views: 3676

Living life with debt is something a lot of people face, and it can often feel like a nightmare you cannot wake up from. Many Americans in all age groups feel overwhelmed as they fall more and more into debt. There are numerous types of debt individuals can have, ranging from home, auto, and student loans. According to, in the third quarter of 2018, consumer debt rose to $14-trillion, with $9.14-trillion of that being mortgage debt. It can feel impossible to get on top of your finances, but there are some things you can do to get back on track again.

Pay Off Loans

Many people find themselves taking out a loan, or several loans, over the course of their lifetime to help them get by. At some point, every loan must be paid off, including interest. When you take out a loan, there will be a date by which you have to have paid it back. The key is to not put off repayment until the very last minute; it can help substantially to pay it off early, if possible. Pay more than the minimum payments if your finances allow, just to get it paid quicker. Take a close look at the repayment guidelines to make sure you know what the minimum and maximum payments are.


Evaluate Spending Habits

Knowing where your money goes each week is a crucial way to tackle your debt. It can make a big difference in your finances if you take time to create a budget and stick with it. Budgeting can help curb your spending habits and help you make sure you have enough money to cover your bills, pay off some debt, and put some money into savings. Every little thing you spend money on adds up quickly. Once you learn to cut back on some unnecessary spending, you may find it possible to have more money left from each paycheck.

Get a Second Job

If you find that you’re barely scraping by each week with the job you have, you might want to consider getting a second job. No one really wants to feel like they have to work constantly to make ends meet, but sometimes it’s a necessary thing to get ahead in life. A second job doesn’t have to be a permanent thing, it can be something that is utilized for getting back on your feet with eliminating any debt you have. If you find yourself in a bit of a bind financially, you can consider a trustworthy loan, such as the ones you’d find at, to help yourself get out of the hole.

Set Realistic Goals

It’s nice to have a dream, especially when it comes to someday being rich with zero debt. It’s important, however, to set realistic goals that you know you’ll actually achieve. If you owe money to various different companies, make a plan to have certain ones paid off by a certain amount of time. Paying off everything all at once might not be possible, but paying things off slowly is something that you might find is easier to accomplish.

Bulk Up the Savings Account

A savings account is one of the most important things you can have. Money should automatically go into it each payday. Having money in savings can help give you peace of mind in knowing you have an emergency fund for unexpected things that may arise. A good rule is that at least 20-percent of your income should be put into a savings account roth 401k or roth ira. This may not be something doable until your debt is paid off, but it’s a goal you can set and try to achieve.

Debt can be overwhelming, but with the proper planning and plenty of patience, it’s something that you can overcome. Try to avoid looking at the big number, and set smaller goals that can be achieved quickly.

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