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June 28, 2021 • Essay, Travel Tales • Views: 42782

Over the past seven years, I’ve been lucky enough to live and travel in many different countries. This has meant that I’ve regularly had experiences that other people dream of. When I think about my best travel experience ever, so many things jump out at me.

Learning to Scuba in the Great Barrier Reef. Bungy Jumping in New Zealand. Feeding elephants in Thailand. Teaching kids in Cambodia. Seeing the Christmas markets in Prague. And even cocktails on the beach in Mexico. I’ve been lucky enough to have so many great travel experiences, it’s hard to imagine what could be considered my my best travel experience essay. 

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But one experience stands above the rest. And that was my trip to Myanmar. After meeting my bestie in Bangkok for some bonding time, we decided to take a trip to Myanmar. And after five hours of standing in the hot sun while we got our visas, I was almost ready to throw in the towel. It would all be worth it though.

We knew that wifi would be a struggle, which is why we committed to a digital detox. For our entire trip, we had to be in the moment, with no social media, no work, and complete focus on what we were doing and where we were. It was exactly what we needed and a wonderful opportunity to detach from work and social media. 

For someone who is continually working and always connected, this was a challenge. But I do think it forced us to be present in a way that we wouldn’t have been if we were continually checking our phones or our emails. 

First, we spent a few days in Yangon. While the Shwedagon Pagoda was a stand-out, the thing I really remember about Yangon was the food. We ate at an Indian place which is where I tasted the worst thing I’ve ever eaten. Still not sure what it was, but it tasted exactly like bile.

Next, we were on our way to Bagan. Bagan was magical with surprisingly good food, and more pagodas than we could shake a stick at. We hired a guide and spent a day on our e-bikes, clambering up some of the biggest temples and taking way too many photos.

But the highlight of the trip was the hot air balloon ride over the pagodas at sunrise. We were lucky to get a clear day, and many of the other rides had been cancelled due to poor weather. Actually standing in the hot air balloon was a weird feeling- it didn’t feel like I was floating in the air at all, and it was just like standing on the ground.

The pagodas were at their best at sunrise. They glowed in the sun, which picked up the gold and made it sparkle. While the ride was over too soon, and we had a somewhat bumpy landing, this still goes down as my best travel experience ever.

What’s your best travel experience ever? Why don’t you challenge yourself to write your own best travel experience essay. Leave a comment below and let me know. Otherwise, you can contact cheap custom essay writing service to have your travel essay written from scratch.

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