4 Tips for Cutting Down Your Trash Production

June 18, 2019 • Inspiration • Views: 1870

One of my biggest concerns at the moment is the amount of trash all over the place. Especially if you travel you will see so much trash everywhere, with very little concern for the environment. It personally makes me really sad, so I’ve started making changes in my every day life in order to minimise my contribution to the trash issue. If you’re wanting to reduce your trash production, read on to learn my top 4 tips:

1. Quit Disposable Cups and Straws
It can be so tempting to use a plastic straw when you’re out and about, but the truth is we don’t need a straw! If you like using a straw, why not buy some metal straws that you can easily take out and about with you to help reduce waste. Likewise, if you’re big on getting drinks out like coffees or milkshakes, why not take your own cup? Many cafes will offer a discount if you bring your own cup as an incentive to help reduce waste. If you do buy yourself a disposable coffee cup, why not go that extra mile and get yourself a personalised label from https://NomiandSibs.com to make your cup stand out and to make it easy to tell it apart.
2. Take Your Own Bags
Whether you’re heading to the groceries or the supermarket, the amount of plastic bags I take home after each shop is insane. I personally have switched to reusable bags, and there are a few benefits. Obviously they’re great because you can reuse them hundreds of times, reducing your plastic waste. They’re also a lot stronger than plastic bags, meaning you can pack more into them and don’t need to worry about them breaking like plastic bags do. I also like to take at least one reusable bag with me when I’m traveling because it means that I can use it for any shopping I do on the road.

3. Don’t Put Your Fruit in Plastic Bags
When going to the supermarket, I’ll never understand why they make you put fruit in plastic bags to weigh it. It’s just as easy to put it all on the weight at the checkout and have them do it there, without needing an extra plastic bag that you only use for a few hours. I also avoid buying fruit that’s covered in plastic – I will never understand why people want to plastic wrap fruit when it already comes in its own protector called the skin!

4. Take Your Own Take Away Container
If you’re heading out for dinner and you know there’s a good chance you’re going to take some of your food home with you, why not take your own container with you? Pop one in your handbag and I’m sure the servers will be happy you were thoughtful enough to bring your own container. Most of the containers that restaurants will give you are low quality and can’t be reused, so if you can avoid taking them home all the better! To learn more about plastics check out http://www.poundsofplastic.com/cat-plasticproduct/pa-nylon/.

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