4 Tips for Learning to Inline Skate Fast

July 27, 2022 • Inspiration • Views: 821

Learning to skate is such a fun skill, and whether you’re teaching your kids or finally getting around to learning yourself, there are a few things you can do to make it easier. The first step is getting a pair of inline skates that fit you well. Skates that are too small will result in your toes crowding, poor balance, and potential injuries. Skates that are too big will impact how much control you have and make it harder to learn. You’ll also want to pair your skates with a thick pair of socks, it will prevent chafing and ensure you’re comfortable. Learn how to fall well and you’ll prevent any big injuries. Don’t ever make the mistake of skating in the rain because it’s just a while different world. Keep reading to learn more about these top 4 tips for learning to inline skate fast.

1. Good Quality Skates that Fit
Finding a pair of good quality skates that fit doesn’t have to be hard, with plenty of websites selling inline skates you’re literally spoiled for choice and don’t even have to leave your house! Be sure to get the right size, especially if you’re buying for kids. It can be tempting to buy up a size so they last longer but in the end they’re just more at risk of injury or an accident so it’s not worth it. The largest you want to upsize is about half a size and you can offset the size difference by using thick socks.

2. Thick Pair of Socks
Having a comfortable pair of thick socks masks skating so much more comfortable. If you’re a sweaty person, or likely to be skating in the heat, try to choose socks that are a breathable natural material like cotton or merino wool. Ideally you want to use longer socks protect the foot, ankle and leg from contact with the skate as it can be a little firmer than a normal shoe.

3. Learn How to Fall
Learning how to fall is an important part of skating, you want to learn to fall without causing impact to your head. Most people when they fall will use their hands to break their fall which can be painful and lead to injuries. If you’re a new skater, it may be worth investing in knee pads, elbow pads and even wrist protectors to help minimise the damage you’ll do to your body when you fall. Don’t forget to use a helmet, as it is very important to protect your head.

4. Don’t Skate in the Rain
Skating outside can be tons of fun, especially when the weather is warmer and everyone’s outside enjoying the summer months. Be sure not to skate in the rain, because it creates a considerable risk of having an accident. Not only does it make you more likely to slip or fail to break, but it also impacts other skaters and cyclists in that way too, increasing the chance of a collision. Try to only skate when conditions are their best so you minimise the chance of a fall and a lasting injury.

Inline skating is so much fun and hopefully these four tips help you perfect your skating techniques so you can enjoy it even more.

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