4 Ways to Unwind After a Stressful Week

August 16, 2021 • Inspiration • Views: 1920

Life can be really stressful and while there are many stressors we can’t get rid of in our lives, there are ways we can manage the stress so we can fully recharge and reset ourselves. Stress can have negative long term affects on your health, your mind and how much you can handle. If you’re feeling stressed or just want to do a little more to de-stress, here are my top 4 ways to unwind after a stressful week.

1. Yoga
Many people hesitate to get started with yoga because they think it’s too relaxing and not a real workout. But the truth is yoga can be a perfect balance to your other workout types or the perfect remedy to a stressful week. For me yoga is both physical and mental – it allows me to take some time to really focus on my breathing, slow it down, and ensure that I’m as in balance as possible. I don’t mind doing yoga at home and there are plenty of great, free videos on Youtube, but if I can get myself along to a proper yoga class I notice a world of difference. A professional massage can also have many of the same benefits that yoga does, so try looking for a massage spa near me if you’re not sure whether yoga will be your thing.

2. Get in Nature
I find nature helps rebalance me like nothing else. Whether it’s a hike through a nature reserve, or just laying out on the lawn with some bare feet, it’s a wonderful way to recharge my batteries and relax. One of my favourite things to do during the summer is to head to a park with a good book and set out a blanket and enjoy being in the middle of all the trees, grass and beautiful plants. It’s also free – which means that you can do it as often as you want!

3. Try Herbal Options
Throughout the years I’ve began to experiment with things to see what helps me relax the most. I find that a warm chamomile tea before bed can do wonders in terms of helping me relax into a deep sleep. I’ve also noticed that if my stomach is upset, it affects my mood and stress levels and so I’ve started regularly taking a probiotic and noticed it has helped lower my overall stress levels. If you’re interested in other herbal options, check out https://ingaiashands.net/shop-cbd/ and http://healthcaredispensary.com/shop/extracts/ to find something that suits your budget and needs. Before adding any supplements to your diet, even if they’re herbal, I suggest consulting with your doctor to see how they think it might work in with your other medicine and health issues. For instance, if you decide to try a cannabis compound such as Delta 8 THC for instance then you need to know that you are using the right amount for your desired outcome. Ultimately, while it is almost always best to start at low doses, an experienced medical professional will be able to provide advice specific to your own health.

4. Do Things That You Love
Life is short and I find doing at least a few things I love each week helps reduce my stress level and makes doing the things I don’t love more tolerable. I personally love catching up with a friend for a few hours and discussing our weeks. I also love going to the spa and having a relaxing massage. I try to do things I love as often as possible so that I feel relaxed and happy. If you’re looking for a gift for yourself, check out JS Dolls for their product range.

Learning how to unwind after a stressful week is a great way to ensure that your life feels balanced and is full of things you love.

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