In need of a date night? Here’s how to achieve the perfect style

July 19, 2022 • Inspiration • Views: 2101

It can prove challenging to come up with a date night idea that you haven’t done before. Then, once you’ve finally got that sorted, you have to figure out what to wear.

Well, let us help you save some time on that front with our guide — it covers outfits for men and women, from going out dresses to blazers for men, to keep everyone looking sharp for every date.

Taking a trip to your favourite restaurant

Sometimes you just want to sit back and relax at a place you know you’ll love. It might be a restaurant that you and your other half have been wanting to visit for a while, but you’ve been saving it for a special occasion. With some fine dining venues operating a strict dress code, what should you wear?

Many women go for a fancy look when they’re heading to a posh restaurant so it’s unlikely that you’ll look out of place. If you feel overdressed, pair yours with flat sustainable shoes, a permanent bracelet, and a short jacket. Alternatively, you could pair a midi dress with heeled boots and a stylish clutch. Go for a statement print and flirty frills to channel Valentine’s vibes — but remember to avoid overly bright tones.

It’s your mission to impress your date for the night, so wear something spectacular. If it’s a fine dining experience, a pressed white shirt with dress trousers are definitely a classic look that will impress. For less formal look, swap out the dress trousers with a pair of black jeans to relax the overall look.


A few bevs…

If you’re stuck for ideas, why not go out for a few drinks? Go dressy with one of your party dresses, keep it flirty with a pink mini dress, scarlet lacy bodysuit or a bold ruby-colored jumpsuit. Or, stay classic in an LBD and accessorize by adding a pop of color to your outfit with red accessories. Elevate your ensemble with statement stilettos or barely-there block heels. Finish the look with dainty jewelry such as heart-shaped earrings and a pendant necklace.

Pull out all of the stops and stay casual with a classic t-shirt. It’s comfy, you know it fits you well, so you’ll be sure to feel a confidence boost wearing it!

A trip to the flicks

Every romantic film has some sort of chilled out, movie watching scene, and there’s no reason why you can’t take part in this. Of course, you still want to make an effort, but you need to be comfy when you’re snuggling during the film.

If you decided to bring your own grub, make your outfit help out with that by bringing along a cute tote bag. Bring some color to your outfit with animal print ankle boots or chunky printed scarf. If you’re going for a meal beforehand, go for something dressier like a loose-fitted T-shirt dress and over-the knee boots.

You need to rock casual at the movies. Sure, it’s the movies, but you want to show your date that you’re looking to make a good impression. Go for a long sleeve shirt instead of short sleeves for slightly more formal touch to an otherwise relaxed outfit.

Or you could just stay in?

Thank god for Netflix! You can cuddle up at home if you’re not fancying a trip outside. You can still dress up, even if you do want to get changed into your pajamas straight after dinner!

You must be comfortable in your own home. You could opt for an accordion midi skirt, paired with an off-the-shoulder crop top. Or, choose an unstructured jumpsuit that’ll look great if you decide to head out after eating! Make up for it with accessorizing — hooped earrings and a matching bracelet are the perfect finishing touches.

You need to impress! It’s still a date, so make it stand out from other days by dressing for the occasion. A new pair of darker-wash jeans and a button-down shirt worn open over a t-shirt looks great on everyone.

Going on a walk

You don’t want to be falling over on your romantic date so walking shoes or appropriate footwear are a must. Add layers to your outfit with a cozy fleece, padded puffer jacket and a hat. If you’re planning on going out to lunch on your way home, consider wearing a dressy top under your layers, just in case your other half wants to snap a photo of you as a memory of your perfect day.

You’ll be ready for any date now, thanks to our guide!

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