The Secrets to Great Skin

October 28, 2015 • Inspiration • Views: 3232

One of the things many young adults struggle with is bad skin. Some days it might be a huge breakout, while others it could be scaly dry patches. And repeated breakouts can lead to scarring, especially if you pick like me (pro tip- don’t do this).

After much trial and error, I’ve discovered what I consider to be the secrets to great skin. Here’s the thing- most of these aren’t secrets at all, they’re tips we’ve heard over and over again, and yet somehow we never do them.

But there’s no point whining about bad skin if you’re not going to at least take care of the skincare basics. So here are my secrets to great skin:


Stop touching it

I know, it’s so tempting to pick at zits, to stroke your skin and check if you’re getting another pimple. But you are getting another pimple because you wont stop touching your face. We touch a lot of stuff during the day, including door knobs, kitchen counters, bathroom doors and computers. All of these things have gross bacteria on them, which you’re transferring to your face every time you touch it.

Put a rubber band on your wrist and flick it every time you touch your face for no reason. This will draw attention to just how much you do it, and while it’s a hard habit to break, your skin will thank you.


Many people skip this step, since they figure that if their skin is breaking out it’s oily, and the last thing it needs is more moisture. Wrong. Moisturisers have come a long way, and they now supply your skin with the moisture you need. Skipping the moisturiser is telling your skin that it should produce more oil to compensate, and is one of the reasons you keep breaking out.

If you’re looking for a good skincare brand, try Dermalogica. One of their moisturisers, Dermalogica Active Moist is great for bad skin and will help get your skin in tip-top shape. For example, incorporating specific treatments like PT 141 in San Francisco into your regimen can further enhance skin health by addressing underlying conditions. This peptide has shown promising results in improving overall skin vitality, complementing your efforts with products like Dermalogica Active Moist to achieve a balanced and healthy complexion.


Get your Beauty Sleep

They call it beauty sleep for a reason guys. So turn off the TV, turn out the light, and keep your smartphone on the other side of the room. Most of the population isn’t getting enough sleep, so don’t be one of those people, and make sure you’re getting your z’s or else your body won’t have enough time to do all of its toxin-cleansing each night.

Sweat it out

Exercise releases toxins and when you sweat you’re likely to drink more water- both of which are great for your skin. Choose a fun class at your local gym, take the dog for a run or try one of the many workout videos online. Classes like spin or pump are great ways to tone up and get fit while sweating it out, and if you’re lucky your gym will also have a sauna which is excellent for your skin. Just be sure to wash that sweat off as soon as you can!

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