Trying to Finally get Healthy? Here are some Tips

May 16, 2016 • Inspiration • Views: 2544

If you’re like most people, you’re probably well aware that you could improve your health. We all have our vices- some people may have a sweet tooth, while others drink too much, and then there are those people who continue to smoke, even though they know they’re doing severe damage to their bodies.

If you’re committed to finally getting healthy, and you’re determined not to let anything get in your way, here are some tips:


Cut the carbs

This may go against everything you’ve ever read or heard about nutrition, but cutting back on carbs is one of the easiest ways to watch the weight melt off your body. We all know that we should be staying away from junk food like chips, donuts and sweets, but a big bowl of pasta or mashed potatoes can be just as bad for your waistline. Carbohydrates affect your insulin, which causes you to gain weight. Cut down on the amount you’re eating and not only will you have more energy, fewer slumps through the day and fewer cravings, but you’ll notice that the weight comes off far easier than you expected.



This seems obvious, but did you know that many people are doing the wrong kinds of exercise? You see, we assume that we need to spend hours on the treadmill or cross-trainer at the gym, and this is just wrong. Have you ever seen someone reading a magazine while they slowly plod along on the cross-trainer? If you’re not getting your heart rate up, feeling sweaty and short of breath, then you’re not burning the calories that you could. By engaging in HIT workouts where you mix up sprints, jumping exercises and other moves that get your heart rate up, you’ll burn twice as many calories in half the time.

Many people also avoid weight training since they’re worried that it’ll make them bulk up. But lifting weights actually creates lean muscle, meaning you’ll be toned and look great in your clothes, while burning more fat each day. And since muscle is denser and takes up less room than fat you’ll probably find yourself seeing results far quicker than you would doing cardio alone.


Socialise wisely

If you’re hoping to get healthy, you’re going to have to commit to the cause. This means socialising less often with friends who think the best idea for a night out is a bowl of wings and a few beers, and instead hanging out with friends who like to be active and hike on during the weekends.

This is the same when it comes to going out as well. While many people like to go to clubs and casinos, this usually means a lot of greasy food, high-sugar and high-carb drinks, and spending way too much money. Try
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