Women who have won online casino jackpots

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Often when we hear about people who have won big online casino jackpots, we’ll only hear about men, as they often play online more than women. However, women have won some incredibly huge jackpots through Guts Casino and other online casino websites. Additionally, with new casino websites appearing on a regular basis, there are some fantastic prizes to be won for amateur and professional gamblers alike. Moreover, with popular incentives such as free spins and other unique perks encouraging gamers to sign up at unprecedented rates, it will be interesting to see what else the future holds for the online gambling industry.

A 43 year old English woman won £420,948.21 on the William Hill Leprechaun Luck slot machine after betting only £4- which shows that you don’t need to have a big bet in order to have a big win.

In 2012 a Swedish woman won £7.6 million while playing at the Unibet Online Casino. The woman was playing the Hall of Gods slot game, and said she had plans to pay off her loans and house and then take her family on a trip to Thailand. She also said that she may even get a new car. Of course, there are many other stories similar to this in the history of other countries, for example, take into consideration Japan’s gambling history and research into some of the largest winnings that Japanese gamblers have enjoyed over the years.

In 2014, Morris Plains resident Cathy Ruela decided to spend some time playing Millionaire Genie. The 31 year old was offered 20 free spins on the online game and won $300 the first time she played. Obviously, Cathy was feeling lucky with that game. Before you get started playing, here are some things to know before gambling in a casino


The last time Cathy played she won a huge $1.3 million on Harrahs Casino.

Cathy told the media that she initially didn’t know if she had won $1 million or $1000 and was only reassured once she had called the rep who confirmed that she had won more than $1 million US.

Cathy got online on the 6th of November 2014, and her 15-line bet managed to crack open the Genie’s Treasure Chest, meaning she had won the largest online jackpot New Jersey had every seen. The huge jackpot was the first online price worth seven figures in the state, and the third largest prize ever to be won by a gambler, including those playing in person. Gambling online only became legal in New Jersey on the 25th of November 2013.

Cathy said she went into a bit of shock when she realised what had happened, saying that when she actually visits Harrah’s in Atlantic City, bells will ring, people will come to the machine and a staffer will verify it at the time. That meant that when she won online she just stared at the computer screen while she tried to make sense of the win.

She went on to say that she was happy to report that she had the same experience as a regular casino and yet got to celebrate at home in her pajamas. Cathy is planning to pay off all of their debts, put money into savings for their son’s college fund, and take a few well-deserved vacations as a family.


For something a little different, let’s turn to a woman (known only as IR) who was playing a slot machine game on her phone, put it down to go to the bathroom, and returned a huge £1.8 million richer.

The woman was hanging out at her mother’s house and decided to play the game on her smartphone as she was a little bored. When the jackpot wheel appeared a few spins into her game she was in the toilet, and returned to see the screen which told her she had won the jackpot, with a lot of digits following the message.

IR said that she’d like to take her daughter on a holiday to Mexico (five-star of course). She’s also planning to use her winnings for a new car and to pay off debt for her mother and friends, along with a large donation to charity.

Think that’s crazy? Consider the woman who won a £2.5 million jackpot just a few months after winning £30,000 with the same online game. The woman is a single mother in her early 40s, and joined the millionaire’s club on Valentine’s Day this year, using the Festival of Lights Vegas casino game online.

The jackpot had been building up over the 18 months prior, and the lucky woman said that she had plans to take a trip to Disney World with her seven year old son, but hadn’t yet decided what she would do with the remaining money.

 The woman described thinking about washing the dishes, and said that no matter how much money you have, you still need to wash the dishes.

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