3 Tips for Moving Overseas

August 10, 2019 • Real Estate • Views: 2011

Moving overseas can be one of life’s greatest adventures – it means you’re off to start a life somewhere new, surrounded by new places to explore, new friends to meet and maybe even a new language to tackle. How challenging your move overseas is will depend on a few factors – if you’re moving for work then there’s a good chance you be awarded with a moving supplement which can go towards the costs of moving. How long you’re planning to move for is a really important question to ask yourself before you start packing your bags. Are you just leaving for a year to see how things go, or are you more interested in something long term, such as raising children together. Here are my top 3 tips for moving overseas to help ensure your trip is as easy as possible.

1. Get the professionals in
The physical aspect of moving – the putting everything into boxes and having it shipped overseas can be outright exhausting. There are so many small things you need to take care of when you’re leaving the country, from setting up new mailing addresses overseas through to getting ahead with work so you can focus on the move’s logistics. Bringing in expert movers is probably the easiest way to lower your stress level when it comes to moving. There are even companies that offer a pack up solution, providing all the boxes and the packing up so you can really focus on the rest of your move. Check out https://www.excess-international.com/international-removals/ for some great moving solutions.

2. Plan Ahead
Moving always takes a lot longer than you expect, and there are often delays in terms of when your new possessions arrive in the final destination. You might find it helpful to rent a fully furnished property off Airbnb for a week or two while you wait for your things to arrive. This will also allow you to test run another neighbourhood/area before committing. If you’re moving pets then you’re going to have more things to consider. Larger dogs cannot be transported in the cabin, so they have to go with the luggage. Due to summer’s heat, there are many places across the USA where you are unable to fly and transit with your pets So it’s important to take a little time to decide when the best possible time is to move your pets safely.

3. Wait Until You’re There
It might be tempting to find a rental contract now, before you’ve ever visited your new home city, but I personally prefer to rent short term accommodation so that I can look on the ground. This gives me the opportunity to really see how the neighbourhoods are and what kind of things are available nearby for my family, in terms of parks, good schools and so on.  I know of too many people who have rented our properties from just looking online, only to find that the photos of the property are extremely old and not an accurate representation of the property now. Imagine being locked into a year long contract like that?

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