Absolutely Stunning – 5 Best Bathroom Flooring Options

August 17, 2018 • Real Estate • Views: 2622

Discount tile Houston is one of the best places to find bathroom flooring. Before you set foot in one of our stores, here is what you need to know about the five best bathroom flooring options. You see, rather than make you do your own research; we conducted it for you. Keep reading to find out what we recommend.

1) Ceramic Tile

We sell many different types of ceramic tiles at discount tile Houston, making it easy for you to find the ones that will turn your bathroom into a comfortable oasis. The hottest ceramic tiles trends are those that come in interesting colors and patterns. Yes, you read that right – there are plenty of patterned tiles on the market. Ceramic tile will hold up well when it gets wet, and you can even install an under-floor heating system to ensure that your feet don’t freeze when you get out of the shower.

2) Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo is much more than that type of wood that panda bears and koalas eat. It’s also a sustainable wood (read: environmentally friendly) that has a unique color and finish. It works well in a bathroom, giving the entire space a sense of warmth. As long as your bamboo flooring is properly coated with water resistant polyurethane, it will hold up quite nicely. Imagine getting out of your bathtub and stepping onto your new bamboo floors. Sounds luxurious, right?


3) Cork Tile

In the past, you couldn’t use cork tile in a bathroom. It was too prone to soaking up moisture, which then caused the tiles to expand and crack slightly. Thanks to some technological advances, these tiles are now a feasible option for bathrooms. That advance is in the form of a polyurethane coating that makes them water resistant. The other great thing about cork tiles is the fact that they are comfortable to walk on. They give slightly under your feet.

4) Wood Laminate

Most people don’t consider wood flooring as a good bathroom option. They’re wrong. While you have to beware of hardwoods, since they’re sensitive to moisture, the laminate is quite different. This type of floor comes with a special exterior top coating that protects it from moisture. It’s also much less expensive than hardwood flooring. Really, wood laminate looks great and will serve as a solid, reliable bathroom floor for quite some time. You won’t have to replace it as you would some other options.

5) Vinyl Tiles

Vinyl tiles are nothing like the old style ones that came in a limited number of color options and peeled up at the corners with little notice. These newer tiles are designed to last but are just as budget-friendly as the ones of old. You’ll also find plenty of colors and styles in your local tile store, making it easy to find just the right ones for your bathroom. If you don’t want to spend a fortune on your floors, but want something that will complement your existing fixtures, then look no further.


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