How to Increase Your Homes “Screen Appeal” Before Selling

July 8, 2020 • Real Estate • Views: 1818

Most people buying a home will see their house in dozens of pictures online before they ever see their house in person. This technology can be excellent since it gives you a little extra time to scrub out bathrooms and refinish wood floors- but at the same time, how can you be sure your home is dressed to look its best on any device?

Here are some ways to make your home look good on any device without camera tricks.

Add Outdoor Interest

We like to think the outside of our homes are impressive enough, but you must add some touches to make your house charming and feel like home.  Some things you can do to help dress it up are to put out decorations that add detail.  Birdhouses and bird feeders make it seem welcoming to more than just people.  These are a great way to say you maintain your home and care about the property.  It will subconsciously convince people that the house is like-new.

Update Cabinets and Door Knobs

If you want to get a handle on things, update the knobs on your doors and cabinets.  This step is an inexpensive but effective way to give your home a fresh touch.  It will show an attention to detail and can bring personality into your home.  From glass doorknobs with floral accents in them to rustic knobs, pick what goes best with your house.  Don’t go too modern in a rustic home, or vice versa, put thought into this, and it’ll show.

If you want to make a kitchen seem streamlined, forego knobs all together, and dremel out notches on the bottom of cabinet doors.  This step will make your kitchen seem cleaner, less cluttered, and more modern.  Just make sure to clean and finish any edges before you post pictures.

Pay Attention To Lighting

If you want potential house buyers to whip out a house payment calculator, look at how you light your home.  Warm light makes a room feel more welcoming, while cooler tones make an area feel cleaner and almost clinical.  The best lighting is natural sunlight- but if it’s not the season for a lot of light, use warmer light bulbs.  This step doesn’t change your home in any significant way, but it will make it seem more inviting to possible buyers.

Keep It Furnished

If you have already moved out or found a place of your own, it’s unlikely you’ll want to keep your furniture in your old home while selling it.  Instead of having to figure out how to make that work- you can furnish your home with rented furniture.  Most companies have furniture in multiple styles, so you can pick things to match your home- and these pieces will help prospective buyers imagine what they could do with the home.  It’s on the pricier end, but multiple studies show that houses that get staged sell faster and higher than houses that aren’t.

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