Little Changes You Can Make Around Your Home for a Big Difference

June 17, 2019 • Real Estate • Views: 1838

I’m all about making small changes in my life that net big differences. There’s nothing more frustrating than to invest a lot of time or money into something, only to barely see a difference! Whether you own your own home, or are renting, there are likely a few changes you can make around your home to improve your quality of life dramatically. Here are my suggestions for little changes you can make around your home for a big difference in your lifestyle:

1. A Mini Garden
The truth is buying fresh fruits and vegetables can be really expensive. Beyond the cost, there are other things to consider, like you don’t really know what kind of chemicals are being used to help the vegetables grow bigger and quicker. When you consider that you are literally made up of what you eat, what you put into your body becomes more important to consider. Creating a mini garden might feel overwhelming if you don’t have much experience or space to plant one, but there are some handy solutions like the Octopot that make it easier than ever to have your own mini garden at home. There’s nothing more rewarding than growing your own food and using it in your day to day life.

2. A Fresh Coat of Paint
Changing the paint of a room is probably the easiest way to dramatically change the mood of a room without a big investment. You can choose to paint the entire room, or you can focus on just painting one wall in order to create a “feature wall”. I personally love to paint the wall where the TV is placed. If your space and tastes allow, you can consider painting it a darker colour so when not in use the TV blends in with the wall. It can be more challenging to invest in a home when you’re just renting, but if you know you’ll be there for at least a year or two I think investing in a fresh coat of paint is worth it, especially if it helps you enjoy the room a little more.
3. Modernise Parts of the Home
Making things around your home more modern will not only make it look more beautiful and “up with the times” but it can also improve your home’s safety, which becomes more important if you have young children living or visiting your home. For example you can update your live edge river table to ensure that your railings not only look great, but are as safe as can be. Likewise, you might find that investing some money into your pipes can help prevent them freezing over in winter and you being left without any working water pipes when you need them the most – check out Heat Line for some great options. If you value a warm shower in the middle of winter, then I’m sure this will be a great investment for you.

There are so many ways you can make small changes to see big results around your home. Please let me know in the comments below if you’re planning to do any of these changes over the coming months.

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