The Brief Guide That Makes Choosing a Solar Installer Simple

July 19, 2021 • Real Estate • Views: 972

Total solar energy production across the United States was only a fraction of a gigawatt in 2008. Now it has grown close to 100 total gigawatts.

This monumental shift in energy production has created a huge solar industry to sift through when it comes to choosing a solar installer. Finding the best solar company is a painstaking process of trial and error.

It can be difficult to find a local solar company with enough experience to handle the process the right way. Read on to find out how to select the best solar installer near you.

Ask Your Friends and Neighbors

If you have been walking around town recently you may have noticed a ton of new solar arrays dotting the horizon on people’s roofs.

If you know someone who has gone solar you may want to ask them about how their installation process went.

If you value their opinion they will give you an honest answer about whether or not they would recommend their solar installer to others.

If they were unsatisfied with their experience and you trust them, they should give you an honest testimonial reflecting this opinion.

Consult a Solar Installer’s Online Reviews

After interviewing your friends and neighbors about their solar installation experience it is time to turn to the world wide web for answers. Keep in mind that online reviews aren’t always accurate.

Bearing this in mind, online reviews and customer testimonials can paint a pretty reliable picture of the quality of a certain business.

Once you have analyzed the reviews for a few different companies, it is time to start calling around for estimates. Overall you should be weighing a few key factors when it comes to choosing a solar installer.

The first should be the quality of their materials. The best solar panels are expensive, but manufacturers stand behind their brand name.

Another factor you should weigh is price. Try looking up some base costs of solar systems online if you were to install them yourself.

Factor in the cost of parts and labor and then see how your solar installer choices stack up with one another.

If a company overcharges you when stacked up against all the competition they may not be the best choice.

The next factor you want to analyze is reputation. They should provide quality work and customer service. If a company has a poor reputation, chances are they will do inferior work.

If you want a company that uses quality materials, has fair prices, and has a reputation for excellence check out Blue Raven Solar. If they operate in an area near you they are hands down your best choice in solar installation specialists.

Put the Sun to Work For You

With a solar energy system, you can harvest the rays of the sun and keep your energy bills low or non-existent. To get a professional system installed the right way, you need a quality solar installer.

Put the information in this guide into practice and find the best solar installer for your home solar system today. For all your other news and information in the same vein as this article check out our homepage.

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