Things To Bring With You To Your Student Accommodation

August 24, 2021 • Real Estate • Views: 1394

Moving your things into a new place is always a daunting task – but when moving for university or college it can feel even more daunting and scary. When you first decide to move away for your education, being away from your parents can be a challenge and it means learning how to do things on your own. 

Today we want to take a look at some of the essential things you need to bring along with you when you move into a student accommodation building. 

Plenty of notebooks and pens 

When moving into student accommodation for the first time; the most important thing to consider is study supplies. Bringing along some notebooks such as pukka pads and plenty of pens will be essential as you’ll be constantly revising and taking notes for your classes. Make sure you have plenty of spare pens because it is easy to lose them and you’ll go through a lot of ink! 


You’ll notice when moving into a student house or apartment that the whole space will seem fairly dull and plain. This is just the standard way homes are designed, and it is up to you to bring some personality to the place to help you feel more at home as well as motivated to do well in your studies. Hang some artwork around the place and consider getting a few motivational posters and a whiteboard that will allow you to make notes and get organised for your studies. 

Pans and pots 

When you move into a student home it is important for you to bring along any essential cooking and eating equipment with you. Not only will the home likely not have much to use, but if you are sharing a home with others who are messy or unhygienic then you will want all of your own things that will stay clean and tidy all year long. Having your own things is so valuable and it will ensure that whenever you want to cook up some food you can. 

Comfortable bedding 

You will get some bedding as standard in a student home, however it is also a great idea to bring your own bedding and put this on the bed instead. Not only will this be a great opportunity for you to start adding your own stamp to the home – but your own bedding will be comfier and to your own tastes, making your sleeping habits much easier. You may also want to add an extra level of comfiness to your bedding with some soft plush toys.

Homely touches 

It is so important to bring along a few homely touches to your student accommodation when you move in so that you feel comfortable and relaxed living there and so that you also don’t feel too homesick when you have left the family home. Items such as photos of your family or pets, some candies and plants, and fun ornaments can bring a touch of homeliness to the space and make it feel like your own getaway. 

Bring along these things with you when you move to student accommodation this year. 

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