Do You Have The Soul Of An Artist? 3 Reasons Why You Should Go To Spain

January 19, 2017 • Travel Tales • Views: 3711

If you love arts and museums, Spain is the place to go. It combines the best of all worlds: Beautiful colors, amazing weather and creative artists. Forget la corrida and the Spanish beaches, if you are looking for one good reason to travel to Spain, let it be for the love of arts. Here are the top 3 towns in Spain that will satisfy your appetite for creativity and your restless eyes with stunning beauty.


South Of Spain, The Magical Malaga

If you didn’t know, Pablo Picasso, the man who said that “every child is an artist” and who was worried that adulthood killed the artistic fire in people, was born in Malaga. So it was natural for the city to dedicated an entire museum to his paintings and the studies of Post-Impressionism, Surrealism, Cubism, and the famous blue and pink periods of the talented artist. As the museum is open daily, you can even consider making it a quick trip to Malaga, by organizing transfers from malaga airport to the town centre with specialist taxis. This shouldn’t take more than half an hour in a taxi, and this is guaranteed to save you a lot of time: And that’s great because you want to leave yourself time to admire the over 200 paintings by Picasso that the museum has kept. If you loved Guernica or the Garçon à la pipe, the visit will be the occasion to take the historical path into Picasso’s mind. If you are a creative artist yourself, why not let his work inspire you?


Madrid, The Capital Of Art Lovers

Madrid is a city full of art gems for the one who knows where to look. Naturally, you will find the unavoidable Museo del Prado, which is the main Spanish art museum in the country, with collections of European art dating back from the 12th century to the early 20th century. But there is much more to discover in Madrid! The Museo Cerralbo, previously the house of the homonym Marquis, presents his collection of over 50,000 pieces with elements as varied as archeological finds from drawings. Similarly, other museums in Madrid are ancient private collections, such as the Museo Lazaro Galdiano, which is the collection of private art and jewels from Jose Lazaro Galdiano and his wife, and the museo Sorolla which presents the paintings of the artist.


Barcelona, The Capital of Creative Enthusiasm

In the middle of the urban architecture of Barcelona, you can discover some unusual buildings that have been created by one talented architect: Antoni Gaudí. From the Casa Vicens, the imaginative residential project, to the famous cathedral that is still left unfinished, you will be amazed by Gaudí’s sense of space and shape. The Park Güell, which is now part of the UNESCO World Heritage, is an Art Nouveau garden complex that displays dynamic and inventive buildings, including the architect’s house. Enjoy a peaceful stroll into this labyrinth of architecture that can seem familiar for the fans of Tim Burton’s films, and discover a new world of arts.  


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