3 Tips for Making Your Honeymoon Super Special

August 9, 2017 • Travel Tips • Views: 2594

All holidays are special, but there’s one that stands out to me as being especially important and that’s your honeymoon: after all, it’s your first trip away with your spouse. You’ll want your honeymoon to go as smoothly as possible and there’s a good chance you’re probably exhausted from all the wedding planning. So how can you make the best honeymoon ever, without driving you and your new spouse crazy? Well here are 3 tips for making your honeymoon super special:

1. Consider a Cruise
A cruise is the perfect honeymoon option because it takes all the hassle out of planning and enjoying your honeymoon. Everything from where you’ll go and what kind of entertainment is on offer, has been arranged for you. Furthermore, the costs are known to you before you set off, so there’s no stress about going over budget or spending more than you expected. You will get to visit some of the world’s most beautiful locations while having plenty of time to relax and enjoy the ultimate luxury on a cruise with your new partner.

2. Take Lots of Photos
Photos are one of the best ways to preserve a special trip and keep the memory alive for years to come. Most of us travel with our smartphones which take really good photos, but for your honeymoon you could consider trying something else. Why not consider hiring a photographer in your destination city to get some amazing photos of you with your new wife or husband? Or perhaps you can buy a polaroid and take special polaroids of your honeymoon. Try recording the memories in a different way, as it’s a special time you want as many ways to remember it as possible.

3. Do Some Activities
It can be tempting to keep to yourself when you’re on holiday, but why not book into a few tour activities? It will keep you busy, build trust and adventure with your partner and will be a great way to meet new people. It’s also fun to try different things in different places, pushing your limits together and bonding over new experiences. The activities don’t have to be too extreme – but maybe something like a hot air balloon ride in Myanmar, or a cycling tour through the streets of Paris. Try to do an activity every few days as it will make the trip a lot more adventurous and give you lots of fun stories to look back on.

A honeymoon is a very exciting time in your life, so slow down, take lots of pictures and treasure these new moments with your wife or husband.

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