4 Insane Family Holiday Ideas For Summer 2016

March 16, 2016 • Travel Tips • Views: 3288

With Easter fast approaching, it’s natural for people to start thinking about the summer. It’s around about this time of year where travel companies have their summer deals on. So, most people will look to book their family holidays for the year.

If you’re looking for some insane family holiday ideas for this summer, then you’re in the right place. Below are four of the best things you can do in summer 2016:


Travel To Various Countries

Most people think that travelling is for students and groups of young people. But, there’s no reason your family can’t all go travelling together too? Sure, you’re probably not looking for the same experience as some of the typical travellers. I doubt you’ll go around backpacking your way through different countries. No, instead, you’ll take a different approach, but one that’s awesome and will give you a perfect summer holiday.

My idea is that you pick a few countries close to one another. Then, you book flights, transport, accommodation, etc. And, you play to visit all of these countries over the course of a few weeks. So, you spend some time in one place and explore what that country has to offer. Get a taste of the local cuisine and see some iconic tourist spots. Then, either by plane, train, or car, you move on to the next destination. While there, you’ll spend some time looking around and enjoying the new country. You end up repeating this process for as many times as you want, depending on how many countries you want to visit. It’s a great way of going travelling with your family, and getting the most out of your summer holiday. You don’t have to stay in one place, and you get to explore different sights and cultures.

The tricky thing with this summer holiday idea is organising everything. It can be very hard to organise a trip like this; you need to get it done in advance. The earlier you plan it, the cheaper it will be. In fact, as I’m writing this, another idea has popped to mind that can help you save money. Invest in a mobile home/caravan when you get to your first destination. Then, you can travel around in it to nearby countries. Your family can stay in the mobile home, which saves lots of money on accommodation. It’s just a thought; your family may like this idea, or you might hate it. The main thing is; plan your holiday in advance, and make sure you know how to get from place to place.  


Buy A Holiday Home

One of the worst parts of going on holiday is finding a great hotel for your family. Not to mention the costs can be ridiculously high for a week or two weeks stay. But, with my holiday idea, your hotel worries will be a thing of the past. No longer will you spend hours comparing prices and trying to find a great deal. Instead, you’ll jet off to a foreign country and spend a couple of weeks in your brand new holiday home. That’s right; my idea is for you to buy a holiday home somewhere. I know, it seems contradictory as I just said hotels can be expensive. However, you’ll pay for this property and use it for years and years. Plus, you could rent it out when you’re not there and get some money back too.

But, that’s beside the point, holiday homes are simply a fantastic idea for summer holidays. They let you go away somewhere, and not have to deal with all the other families staying in your hotel. There will be no annoying people that splash you in the pool. No hour long waits at the breakfast buffet. It will just be you and your family living in the holiday home for as long as you want.

Of course, you have to decide where you want to buy your holiday home. Which country is best for you? For me, I think Europe is the best place to buy property. There are tonnes of gorgeous countries with lots of options for you. You could get yourself a beautiful Italian country home. They’re not hard to come by and you can get some great deals on them. Or, perhaps you want a delightful chateau in France? These holiday homes are huge and there ways of buying a chateau on a budget too. If you fancy something by the sea, then why not consider a stunning Spanish villa? You can buy some that are right next to the beach, so you’re able to wake up and walk down to the sand. These are just three of the many options out there for you to try out. Have a look around and I’m sure you’ll find the perfect one for your family. Most families like buying holiday homes in places they’ve been before. Maybe you went somewhere and loved it so much you want to go back? It makes sense to buy property there if you love it so much. Then, you have a holiday destination, not just for summer 2016, but for the rest of your life too!


Go On A Cruise

The first two holiday ideas have been very much land-based. So, let’s mix things up and take to the sea for this next one. If you want to go on a holiday that’s both relaxing and fun, then take your family on a cruise this summer. Cruises are amazing, full stop. Anyone that tries to argue differently has clearly never been on a proper one before. I’m not talking about some small boat cruising across a tiny sea. I’m talking about massive cruise ships going around big oceans and taking you to amazing places. A cruise is something you need to go on at least once in your lifetime, trust me. It’s the perfect idea for a family holiday this summer.

The great thing about cruises is that there’s so much to do. Although it may not seem like you can do much on a boat, believe me, you can. These aren’t your ordinary boats; they’re massive things filled with activities and entertainment. Lots of cruise ships have pools and waterparks on board. You can lie on sunbeds and soak up some rays on the top deck. Then, there’s all the onboard entertainment you can enjoy too. Believe it or not, but you’ll find cinemas, games rooms, all sorts of cool things to pass the time. There are even theatres where entertainers put on shows for the people on board. It’s like you’re in a holiday village, but you’re on a massive ship cruising around the ocean. The rooms on board most cruise ships are of a very high standard too. If you took a picture inside one, people would probably think you were in a hotel. That’s what’s so awesome about cruises; you get the whole holiday package, all in one place.

Naturally, there are lots of different cruises available for you. It can be quite tricky trying to decide where you want to go. Some of the most popular ones include cruises through the Mediterranean and Bahamas. Personally, I think a cruise to the Bahamas sounds perfect. It’s something you need to do, a once in a lifetime experience! The Bahamas is right in the Caribbean sea, so you’re guaranteed the awesome weather. While on the ship, you can see all the cool Caribbean islands and marvel at the clear blue sea. Of course, this is just my favourite choice; you may prefer a different cruise location.


Go On An African Safari

Africa has become a very popular holiday destination for families. The reason for this is because it offers a unique summer holiday experience. Instead of spending your time sunbathing and lazing around, you can go on a safari!

African safaris are the best and you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more exciting holiday idea. You and your family will go on a journey through and see so much wildlife in its natural habitat. It’s a glorious thing to see, and something you won’t get anywhere else. There are certain animals that you can’t see in other countries; it’s unique. Your family has probably been to a zoo before, but this is something completely different. The kids will be amazed at seeing so many animals up close and personal. They’ll be in awe of the lions, giraffes, and zebras; it’s like you’ve stepped into the world of Lion King.

All over Africa, there are plenty of great locations for a safari. However, the best is Cape Town. Mainly because there’s so much to see and it’s also a very modern city. So, you’ll have your home comforts as well as be able to go and view gorgeous wildlife. Plus, Cape Town has multiple other attractions that your family will enjoy too.

In my eyes, each of these ideas is great and I wish I could do them all at once. Sadly, most families will only have the time and money for one of them this year. So, your task is to decide which of these is the best for your family. Round everyone up and has a vote to see what you all prefer. Then, get booking and start the countdown to your best summer holiday ever!


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