5 Reasons You Need Travel Insurance

June 18, 2014 • Travel Tips • Views: 3804

You want to travel. Congratulations! This is going to be one of the best things you do in life! Regardless of where you choose to travel, be it New Delhi or Paris, you will want to make sure that your trip will not be overshadowed by unforeseeable and unwanted surprises though. You will want everything to run smooth. You will want to relax and enjoy the new place you are visiting. You will want to make friends and to explore places. You will not want to worry about anything.

This is what travel insurance is for, actually. Leaving aside booking accommodation and transportation, travel insurance will help you have the holiday you actually dream of, without any surprise ruining it. Here are 5 reasons you need travel insurance no matter where you want to travel:


1. Travel Issues. Well, to make mistakes is only human and the truth is that even the travel companies out there and even the largest transportation companies can make mistakes. Other times, they may simply not be able to do anything in front of forces that are much larger than they are (weather, that is). In case your trip gets cancelled or delayed, travel insurance can cover you with the costs of travelling from one airport to another, with the costs of a hotel stay overnight if you only have a plane to catch the next morning and in such other cases.

2. Health Issues. We don’t always have the health we want or work for and health issues persist even when you are traveling. In most of the cases, you will not be covered but for minor injuries or ailments if you are in the European Union and you may have to be airlifted home for more complicated health issues (or if you are simply travelling to a place that covers nothing at all). It is absolutely crucial that you have a travel insurance policy that can cover for these things because otherwise you will have to pay for the airlift cost out of your own pocket – and that can be a lot of money. There is even specialised travel insurance for over 50s that caters directly to health issues people over 50 might suffer from.



3. Emergency Evacuations. It does not matter what kind of country you are visiting. They will all be prone to natural disasters, wars and diseases, no matter how well-developed they are. A good insurance policy can cover you in such cases and it can cover for the price of an emergency evacuation that will be your way home to safety.

4. Lost Luggage. It happens much too often that people get their luggage lost at the airport. If you arrive at your travel destination with no clothes to change, the insurance policy can cover you with that and the company will make an emergency payment to your account so that you can buy yourself the necessary things.

5. Stolen Possessions. Unfortunately, this can happen at home, as well as when you are travelling. However, it can be easier to deal with it at home and it can be absolutely disastrous to deal with it while far from home. If your handbag was stolen, for example, you may have had not only all your money in it, but all your documents as well. A good insurance policy can cover you for the stolen values and the company can also put you in contact with the consulate so that you can return home safely.

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