5 Ways to Enjoy a UK Holiday

September 29, 2016 • Travel Tips • Views: 1846

A vacation in the UK is sure to make anyone excited. From eating to shopping, art to history, it is teeming in terms of activities that will surely satisfy every traveller. Whether you would like to be laidback or active, there is something for everyone and it will provide you with a trip that you will forever remember.

Cabin Stay in The Cotswolds

For anyone who loves nature and a laidback ambiance, the Cotswolds is the perfect destination. The best way to enjoy it is to stay in a cabin, which is ideal for families. Of course, your entire day will not be spent inside. Go out and explore the charming towns. There are many places that are perfect for a relaxing walk. There are also traditional pubs and excellent restaurants, allowing you to experience the best of the local cuisine. Even with kids, you will not run out of activities to enjoy.


City Break in London

For those who are visiting the UK, London is perhaps the default destination. This is a good place for those who would like to get up close and personal with the royals. From their palatial residences to the iconic Changing of the Guards, there are many ways for you to have a glimpse of their lives. Aside from this, London is also abundant with iconic landmarks, green spaces, and busy shopping centres. If you love theatre and art, this city will also be a good vacation spot. Here are some London travel tips from a local.

Take a Coach Tour in the North of England

There are many routes that are possible to take when having a coach tour, but the North of England is perhaps one of the best, allowing you to witness the fruits of Victorian engineering. Take a coach from Settle to Carlisle, and for sure, you will have a hard time closing your eyes because of the beauty of the landscape that you will see. On this route, the coach will be passing through more than 20 viaducts and 14 tunnels.


Food Trip in Yorkshire

When it comes to food, Yorkshire should be on the top of your list. Outside of London, it has the highest concentration of Michelin-star restaurants. Whether you would like to eat out on a budget or splurge, you will have a lot of options. There are many traditional pubs, as well as options for fish and chips and pork pies. These are some of the best dishes in Yorkshire. They are known not only for their distinct taste, but also their simplicity. Coupled with the beautiful places to visit in Yorkshire, you won’t be disappointed on your visit.

Cottage Break in Scotland

When visiting Scotland, do not stay in a hotel. Instead, stay in a cottage, which will have a more homely feel. Many of the cottages in the country are fitted with luxurious facilities that will make you want to extend your stay. The good news with cottages is that they are perfect for families and can be cheaper than the usual hotels. They also offer idyllic settings, including lush greeneries.


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