5 Ways To Fight a Traffic Ticket in California

September 21, 2018 • Travel Tips • Views: 1975

Traffic ticket attorneys can help you fight a litany of charges from speeding to running a red light. Once you hire your Van Nuys traffic ticket lawyer, you can get to work building your defense. Here are some of the most common ways to fight against traffic violations.

  1. Prevention of Harm

You may have needed to recklessly swerve into one lane to avoid hitting a pedestrian or another car. It may have resulted in a reckless driving citation, but you can claim it was necessary to avoid a more dangerous incident.


  1. Justified Driving

You can also reveal personal circumstances that justify the way you drove. You may have witnessed a possible drunk driver and went over the speed limit to avoid the vehicle. Your driving is justified in this manner, and your traffic ticket lawyer Sacramento  will argue as such.

  1. Mistake of Fact

With a mistake of fact case, you admit to the reckless driving but claim you did not have all the information available to drive safely. For example, if you drove through an intersection because the stop sign was obscured by a tree branch, then that could let you off the hook.

  1. Rebuttal of Cop’s Evidence

The cop has his story of the events, but you can present your own. If you can acquire photos or video of the incident, then that will come in handy. Eyewitness testimony is also a useful tool.

  1. Rebuttal of Opinion

Without evidence, you can also make a rebuttal to the officer’s subjective retelling of the events. In the event you received a ticket for speeding, then you can claim all the other vehicles were going at the same speed. Therefore, it would be unsafe for you to go under the speed limit.

Hire an attorney immediately after getting your ticket to start building your case. Your lawyer will look at the circumstances and determine which course of action is ideal.

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