6 Budget Bachelorette Destinations

May 5, 2016 • Travel Tips • Views: 3397

As your Bachelorette party will (hopefully) be a once-in-a-lifetime experience, you want it to be special and exciting. Alas, there are many who believe that traveling abroad for their party is beyond their budget. They couldn’t be more wrong! By exploring this Bachelor Party Insider and conducting thorough research, you can discover endless ways to make your dream bachelorette party abroad come true.

Who needs to go to Las Vegas when you can just play blackjack online wherever, whenever these days? Who wants to go to predictable Ibiza when you can experience incredible, bespoke nightlife in thousands of places now? Cancun, Kavos, Miami and Bangkok are all off the table as well, because you deserve the perfect bachelorette party with a bride-to-be friendly budget. So, here are six amazing places where you can have the time of your life without breaking the bank!



For decades, bachelorettes have flocked to Benidorm for their final night of freedom. In fact, Benidorm is so popular that it even has a sitcom named after it in the UK! There’s sea, sun, show bars, sangria and shots all within walking distance of each other so you won’t need to spend money on transport. Plus, a glass of wine is just €1 – €2 (£1 – £1.60/$1.45 – $2.32) each, and a pint costs even less!


Of all the locations on this list, Budapest has the cheapest alcohol as even cocktails only come to 124czk (£3.70/$5.37). Of course, even if the alcohol cost a lot more many would still choose Budapest for their bachelorette due to the incredible tourist attractions and historical marvels. A Day Ticket costs just €5 (£4.04/$5.86) and allows you to travel on local trains, cogwheel railway, trolleys, trams, buses and the underground for a full 24 hours.


Obviously, we have to include the perfect destination for those of you who want a bit of shopping mixed in with their cocktails and cultural exploration. Hamburg is famous in Germany for providing an immense amount of shops alongside incredible nightlife where alcohol is remarkably cheap. A glass of wine will set you back €3 (£2/$2.90), a pint is just 10 euro cent more and good meals are around €9 (£7.20/$10.44). It’s no wonder Hamburg is swiftly becoming a popular party destination for people all over the world!



Poland has always been a popular destination for bachelorettes, though most visit Krakow. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with Krakow but Poznan is the up-and-coming place to party. There are beautiful shopping areas, bars and nightclubs, as well as some unique attractions like bobsleigh rides or 4×4 off-road driving. Here, a glass of wine is just 10 zloty (£2/$2.90) whilst a pint is 7 zloty (£1.40/$2).


If you prefer to explore cultures and historical landmarks, then Prague may be the ideal budget bachelorette party destination for you and your girls.  During the day bus, tram and metro tickets cost just 24czk an hour so you can get anywhere you want to go on the cheap. Drinks aren’t much more, with a glass of wine costing all of 53czk (£1.50/$2.18) and a bottle of beer is just 35czk-45czk (£1.10 – £1.40/$1.60 – $2).

Sunny Beach

Often labelled ‘the Ibiza of Bulgaria’, Sunny Beach is perfect for the Bachelorette who is truly ready to let her hair down. Alongside the white sandy beaches and azure waters you’ll find ‘the strip’ packed with bars, nightclubs and cheap booze. Grab a glass of wine for just 4.75 lev (£1.70/$2.47) or a bottle of beer for 1.47 lev (60p/$0.87)!

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