7 Things To Remember For First Time Visitors To Amsterdam

September 21, 2020 • Travel Tips • Views: 1923

If you’re a first time visitor to Amsterdam, you’re in for a treat. While there’s definitely a side to Amsterdam that may not sit well with everyone, you can also have a fun and classy trip complete with museum visits, bike rides, and amazing scenery. Don’t turn your nose up at Amsterdam – take a look at the 7 things to remember for first time visitors below and you’ll be well prepared:

  1. Rent a Bike (But Mind The Cyclists)

It’s normal for people to plan to walk around Amsterdam, although if you did that then you would likely need to hop on a tram from time to time, as not everything is close together. An even better idea is to rent a bike. It’s the most economical way to get around, can be cheaper, and you’ll get some great exercise while saving time. If you don’t rent a bike, then watch out for the cyclists yourself. The last thing you want is to get hit by a bike on your trip!

  1. Be Prepared For All Weather

Amsterdam weather is a little unreliable, so be prepared for all kinds of weather and pack layers. Obviously it’ll be a lot colder in winter, so you’ll need hats and gloves. It could also snow, so take appropriate footwear. 

  1. Learn The Difference Between Coffee Shops and Cafes 

The most important thing is to know the difference between coffee shops and cafes on your trip. You might just want a nice coffee, but if you walk into a coffee shop you’re going to get some funny looks. Head to a cafe and remember the difference. 


  1. Don’t Walk Around Dragging Your Suitcase 

You aren’t going to be able to make the most of Amsterdam if you have your suitcase to drag around with you. Instead, look for a place like Radical Storage Amsterdam and drop your cases off there. It’s unlikely you’ll be able to check into your room right away, and when it comes to checking out you’ll probably have time before you fly. Storage can help to save you time and hassle. 

  1. Look At The Tulips

If you go to Amsterdam during late March to early May, then you might just catch tulip season. These vibrant flower markets are beautiful and well worth a visit. There are many more tulip related attractions, too, so make sure to visit them if you want to see some truly beautiful things on your trip. 

  1. Explore Different Neighborhoods

It’s probably not news to you that Amsterdam is divided into different districts, each with its own vibe. There are neighborhoods like Jordaan that have quiet streets and space to cycle around, which is also great if you’re worried about getting in the way on your bike! 

  1. Buy A Dutch Phrasebook

The Dutch are good at English, but it’s only polite to attempt to learn a few words before your trip. This could go a long way to getting better service and having a better time. 

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