7 Things You Have to Try in the UK

September 30, 2016 • Travel Tips • Views: 2350

The UK has something to offer for everyone. Whether you are a laidback traveller or if you are looking for a thrilling adventure, there are many activities that you can try. In the rest of this post, we will identify some of the experiences that should definitely be in your bucket list.


Go Walking in the Yorkshire Dales

Being a national park, be prepared to be mesmerized with the natural beauty of Yorkshire Dales, making it excellent for leisurely walks. The place is welcoming and it is even made better by the warmth of its people. There are many routes that you can take, including the way to scenic waterfalls.

Go Free Camping

Through freedom camping, you can set up tents and park campervans in places that are not really for camping. From Cornwall to Devon, Dorset to Hampshire, the options for free camping locations will be almost endless. Make sure to pack all the things that you need and have a reliable campervan or tent. If you are asked to move out by authorities, do not contest. Just follow their rules.

Afternoon Tea in a Cotswolds Village

To experience British tradition, an afternoon tea is one activity that you should definitely try. In the Cotswolds, some of the best places that you might want to check out include Huffkins, Dormy House, Three Choirs Vineyard, The Kitchen, and The Marshmallow. The interiors of this place will be more than enough reason to pay it a visit. There are also plenty of charming cottages, which you could stay in if you’d like to spend a few days in the Cotswolds.


Experience the Roman Baths

This can be done in Bath. The traditional baths have been used since the ancient times and can provide a relaxing experience, similar to what you will have in a lavish spa. Many of these baths have architecture and design that will be hard to rival, reminiscent of the glorious days of the past.

Sunbathe at Hebrides

The Caribbean might be on the bucket list of many travellers, but if you cannot go far from the UK, head over to Scotland. Sun worshippers will surely fall in love with the beaches of the Hebrides. Summer visitors can enjoy warm sand and the pale sea will surely provide you with a relaxing time. Whether you are on your own, with a partner, or with family, this is a place that you will definitely love.

Stargazing at Northumberland

The Northumberland International Dark Sky Park has gained reputation as the largest protected night sky area in Europe. This is a good place to gaze on the beauty of the stars, and depending on the season, it is also where you can see the infamous Northern Lights. Forget about travelling to Iceland and Norway!

Food Trip at Yorkshire

Outside of London, Yorkshire has the highest concentration of Michelin-star restaurants in the UK. This makes it an excellent place to enjoy good food. Aside from fancy restaurants, there are also many casual eateries where your stomach will be in for a treat without the need to spend too much. Plus, they have also authentic pubs, allowing you to experience Yorkshire tradition.

Relax in Charming Dorset

Dorset is a beautiful part of the UK and renting a cottage here can be an excellent way to spend some quality time with your family and have a break from the rat race back home. From Bournemouth Beach to Monkey World, there’s an abundance of things to do here for every age group. Why not rent one of your Dream Cottages and explore this beautiful part of the country!

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