A change is as good as a rest

February 11, 2015 • Travel Tips • Views: 3305

Getting to your destination from the airport is probably the most important part of your holiday, after all, it’s not like you can walk there, but how much consideration do you give to getting from home to the airport? If you can’t get to the airport, you can’t fly, and therefore no holiday!

I find getting from home to the airport is made much easier by driving myself. I had this debate with my friend recently, who was always an avid coach booker when it came to getting from A to B, but despite that insistence on going by coach, she always moaned about how long it took to get there, with around two hours at least onto the time it would have taken to drive. Now, she is a driver, she has a car, so I suggested she booked a parking spot with www.airparks.co.uk, and noticed how much it saved her compared to the cost of her coach, with her husband and child in tow. First step completed successfully, as she saved quite considerably! She booked parking at Stansted, and although she was still telling me her coach idea was better, as soon as she got home from her holiday, she went back on all her coach booking addictions, and is now a firm believer in driving herself!


Does this sound like you?

I think many people are afraid to try something new when it comes to their holidays, because the tried and tested routine works to a degree, and they don’t want anything to upset that. Whilst that’s all very well and good, there might be an alternative option out there that will suit your stress levels better, give you more time at home to rest before you leave for the airport, and on top of all that, save you money too. What could be better?

If you’re able to drive, I would highly recommend this idea, and it doesn’t matter where you’re flying from as most large UK airports do have a service on offer, meaning nobody has to miss out.

My newly converted friend will tell you that traveling with children is easier when you drive, because keeping them occupied, still, and cutting out the stress of trying not to upset everyone else on the coach when they make a little noise, is so much easier when you’re in your own space. The money you will save is also a big bonus too!

So, the next time you’re heading away on holiday and you’re looking at how you’re going to get to the airport to meet your plane, think a little outside of your normal box, and see if you can find a more cost effective, and efficient way, just like my friend did.

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