Betting on Sports – How to get the best return

August 14, 2020 • Travel Tips • Views: 1536

Betting on sports is very entertaining and addictive and can transform boring fixtures into fascinating ones. It is important for gamblers to acknowledge that they are likely to lose over the long term, but this does not mean that every gambler does.

If putting in sufficient research, effort and with a little bit of luck, then you can make money from gambling, as professional gamblers are testament to this. This is a list of ways that you can get the best return from your betting.


In sports betting, it is imperative that you set yourself a bankroll. It can be anything but once you start thinking of your stakes as units of your bankroll, or percentages of your bankroll, then you will become better at managing them.

This allows you to see how you are doing while you are betting and if your bankroll starts to disappear, then you will know that something must change with your betting. Every single serious bettor has a bankroll whether they do sports betting, poker or casino games and there is reason for this.

Know what to expect

To get the best possible returns form your sports betting, it is very important to build realistic expectations. The less you play, the more variable it can be, but over the course of about 1,000 bets, a five percent return of investment is very good. Anything above that is impressive and anything above ten percent is almost unbelievably good.

If you have a smaller bankroll, five percent does not seem like a lot, but it still is. When evaluating your bets and your profit loss margin, make sure to bear this in mind. Make sure to remember that although five percent is impressive, it is very easy to lose a lot. If you are losing more than twenty percent of your bankroll, it is probably worth taking a break or changing how you are betting.

Use bookmaker benefits

Most bookies have reward programs or permanent offers that are very good value. These are free for those who bet a certain amount so you should definitely use them for your sports betting.

One example is Skybet. Skybet offer a “Skybet club” and to be a part of it, you need to stake twenty five pounds on bets cumulatively each week. Firstly, you will be rewarded with a free five pound bet each week. If that is your usual stake, then that is a considerable amount of money to save each week. Secondly, there are exclusive promotions to members of the Skybet club that can provide massive value. There have been bets with original odds of 1/4 that have changed to 1/1 which represents a very good offer, so make sure not to miss out on these.

A different kind of example is Betfair. This bookmaker has a permanent offer called “early payout”. If a team that you have bet to win a match goes two goals up, then it will be counted as a win whatever happens. If you tend to bet on match results, then this could transform a number of your bets from losers to winners and it will also eliminate the awful feeling of losing a bet after it seeming to be a certain winner.

Odds comparison websites

If you have several accounts, make sure to utilize odds comparison websites. They will compare the odds across almost all the bookies and return the most profitable ones for you to bet on. This will automatically make your bets better value, and considering a 5% return of investment is considered very good, these could make all the difference. 

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