Essential Things to do and See in Cardiff

June 4, 2014 • Travel Tips • Views: 3553

When one thinks of the United Kingdom, one automatically thinks of England (and of course London) and maybe a bunch of other places whose names they may or may not fully recognize. However, not too many of the people out there actually think of Wales and Cardiff and that is a true pity because this city is definitely worth all your attention. If you are not yet decided on whether or not you should book a flight for Cardiff or if you have already planned a trip there but do not know what to do and see in the city then you should definitely read on about the best of Cardiff’s attractions.

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Visit the Cardiff Castle

There is absolutely no way in the world you should miss out on this haunting (not haunted) castle if you ever step foot in Cardiff. The foundations of the castle were built around the year 50 AD and the rest of it was built in the 19th century, but this castle still stands tall and it will be one of the most beautiful buildings you have ever seen dating from that period. With an air of magnificence and high class around it, this castle is an absolute must-see if you come here.

The Cardiff Bay

If you just want to take a relaxing walk and see one of the most successful regeneration projects in the entire Great Britain, then you should definitely stroll down the Cardiff Bay. The view will be absolutely amazing and every single moment you spend here will overwhelm you with a combination between the image of a city in its full form and the utmost tranquility at the same time.


Chapters Arts Centre

If you are among those who love art, you will fall in love with this spot as well. With two bars, one café and a very good relaxed atmosphere, this place will be the perfect choice after a morning of running from one place to another to see as many of Cardiff’s attractions. The entrance is free here, which is definitely an advantage for the budget traveller out there.  By the way: Pink Floyd participated in the fundraising project to build the Chapter Arts by giving a wonderful concert.

Farmers Market

If you are hungry and if you are running on a lower budget and you cannot simply stop at a restaurant to have a bite, then do visit the farmers market in Cardiff. You will love the products offered by the small businesses that come here and you will even have a chance to try out some local foods as well.


St. Fagans National History Museum

For a history lesson you will not stand a chance to get bored at, do visit the National History Museum located right on the outskirts of Cardiff. You will see here more than 40 houses from the Celtic Iron Age and several other very interesting history and culture-related things that will definitely captivate your attention. There is a bakery where you can stop by and have a bite of bara brith (a traditional fruitcake) and there are many activities taking place here (traditional crafts for example).

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