Five myths about solo female travelling and one truth!

April 3, 2017 • Travel Tips • Views: 2462

“I am going on a foreign trip alone”, said she. “You are going alone? Are you crazy? Just keep quiet and stay at home else take someone from the family along with you,” said they.

As a girl and that too an Indian girl, you are supposed to act and behave in a ‘certain’ manner. And if you travel alone, my dear, you are breaking one of the most important rules of a society which says, solo travelling is not safe for women.

What, if she tried convincing some family members and friends to accompany her, but she could not find a companion? Does that mean she should cancel her trip and stay back at home?

No. She should not.

A woman has her desires and priorities, and nothing should stop her from fulfilling them. Proper planning and some safety measures like buying a travel insurance policy can ensure a hassle-free trip by offering emergency assistance in case she lands into some trouble.

How travel insurance can help her, I will discuss it later in this blog; first, let me burst some myths around female solo travelling:


Myth# 1: Travelling solo can lead to loneliness:

You can be lonely even if you are travelling with a group of friends and there is a mismatch of your interests and perspective with them. Then, you might feel left out and lonely even in a big group of people.

Rather, when you are travelling alone, you are on your own and interact with as many people as you want. You might find like-minded people on the trip and instantly build a connection with them. Who knows, they might become your travel companion on the rest of the journey!

Myth# 2: Travelling alone is not safe:

Travelling alone is as safe as travelling with a group of people if you follow your instincts and stay cautious. Make sure to stay in public places and avoid deserted places. Be proactive and always choose one person whom you can contact in case of any emergency. Also, some common rules should be followed like do not carry too many valuables, keep your phone handy and charged, know the neighborhood, keep your passport safe, etc.

Myth# 3: Travelling alone is wastage of time and money:

Some people believe that it is no fun travelling without family and friends as you do not have anyone to share your excitement and fun. But, travelling is more than that. It is an experience that offers you contentment. Also, travelling alone teaches you to live independently besides giving other useful lessons of life. It makes you ready to face various challenges alone, which eventually helps you in making better decisions in your life.

Myth# 4: Travelling alone is no fun:

Travelling alone, in fact, gives you flexibility and freedom to do what you love doing. It may be taking a stroll along the beach or gazing stars or just moving around the city and clicking pictures. It could be anything in which you find peace and relaxation.  If you are tagging along with other people, you need to plan your trip according to them. So, travelling solo gives you an opportunity to explore new things.

Myth# 5: Travelling alone can be selfish:

Some call solo travellers selfish, especially if they are married. Taking a holiday without your husband can become a huge issue in our society. But, it is totally fine. Though she is a wife, mother and daughter-in-law, before that, she is a human being who also craves for some independence. Solo travelling is all about getting that sense of freedom and confidence.

And the one truth:

It’s completely fine to be nervous when you are on a solo trip. However, these worries will usually disappear when you arrive at your destination. For safety, I would advise you to buy a comprehensive travel insurance policy. While we ladies are known for our good managerial skills, still if there is a mishappening, like lost passport, baggage loss, etc; your travel insurer will help you. I know, it takes a lot of guts and convincing powers to travel solo, and if you inform your family that you have lost your belongings, they might declare it as your last solo trip. However, if you have a travel insurance policy, your one phone call to the insurer will ease your worries. Moreover, you can buy your travel insurance plan online.

The scenic beauty of nature, the dazzling blue water of the sea and the beautiful clear sky welcome all travellers, irrespective of their gender. Travelling alone isn’t something you do when you don’t need a companion. It is an incredibly rewarding and enlightening experience.

So, all you beautiful ladies who are reading my post, take the next voyage alone. To all my ‘he’ readers, don’t disrupt the journey of the ‘she’ of your life with any of the myths. What a coincidence is this, I come here in the mountains with my parents, and now in a few days, I will travel back to my destination all alone, and it will be my first solo trip!




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