High Tech Camping and Hiking: Apps and Gadgets for Cool and Comfortable Outdoor Experiences

July 28, 2021 • Travel Tips • Views: 2813

Camping is a great way to get away from everything and live with nature for a few days, taking in the scenery and trying your hand at fishing, hiking and maybe even building a fire without matches.

But, c’mon: it’s the 21st century. While you certainly want to experience nature, you don’t have to completely forget about the cool apps and gadgets that can make it more comfortable. Today’s technology allows you to still get the excitement that camping can bring, but allows helps out with irritating situations that can make your trip less than ideal. Here are a few apps and gadgets you think about bringing the next time you head out to do some Colorado glamping or camping at Yosemite.

Solar Charger

Even when you head into the wilderness, chances are that you have at least one mobile device right next to you at all times, both for safety and for killing time when you feel a little bored. And the more you use it, the more likely you will need to charge it at some point.

This solar charger lets you charge your devices using the sun’s natural energy, so you don’t have to worry running low on your trip. You can have it unfolded on your backpack so you charge as you hike, or you can hang it from a tree in the sun to get the maximum efficiency. When at its full capacity, the charger sends the same power to your devices as if you had them plugged in at home.

The charger is very durable, so it’s perfect for camping. It also has built-in surge protection so your devices are always safe when they’re plugged in.


Portable Heater

Depending on where you camp, it can get pretty cold at night, even in the summer. Having a portable heater is a great thing to have if you can’t get a fire started for some reason, or if you’re tent just won’t hold in the heat.

There are plenty of portable heaters to choose from, so finding one in your price range should be easy. They usually heat up to 200 square feet without a problem and they have low-oxygen detectors for automatic shut off if there’s a problem. And if you’re thinking about camping in the winter, then you should definitely check these out.

An Alarm Clock

Sure, the birds and the beautiful sunlight will probably wake you up most days, but it’s nice to have an alarm clock for those early-morning hikes or just as backup in case you don’t want to sleep the day away.

The best part is, with the Alarm Clock for Me app (available at this link), you don’t even need to carry extra equipment. The app works on any Android device and wakes you up to songs from your playlists. It even has a sleep mode so you can fall asleep to your favorite songs and feel rested in the morning.

Try these cool apps and gadgets next time you head for the great outdoors.

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