How to Have the Best Golfing Holiday Ever

June 25, 2014 • Travel Tips • Views: 3477

Whether you’re a keen golfer or an absolute beginner, golfing holidays can provide the perfect balance between relaxation and activity. The sport can be as competitive or as easy-going as you want it to be, and it gives a fantastic opportunity for you to reconnect with nature, your physical self and your holiday companions.

Before You Book

Examine your skills and ability level honestly before you commit to a particular package or golf course. The course or selection of courses you choose should be appropriate for your skill level, as there’s little point in spending a great deal of money on a course that is far too easy or impossibly difficult. It’s very important to do your research and if possible, try to contact someone who has been to and played the courses you’re considering. A good golf tour operator should also be able to tell you which courses will suit you best, so that you’re able to get maximum enjoyment out of your golfing break.


Consider the UK

Although there are plenty of wonderful golfing holiday packages available for those who wish to travel abroad, Great Britain is also home to a variety of top-end golfing opportunities. The Barnham Broom Championship courses are situated in Norfolk, and there are also opportunities for spa and wellness treatments for those who want to really relax after a long day of golfing.

Choosing Your Base

Ask around and get recommendations from people who have already been to a particular area when you’re picking your base. Some holiday makers are more interested in hotels located on golf courses, so that they can start playing immediately after breakfast and are always surrounded by beautiful golfing scenery. Others want a selection of shops, bars and cafes around them and don’t mind travelling a little further in order to get to the course. Think about your requirements and choose the set-up that is most convenient.


Travelling in a Group

The company you keep on holiday is very important as it can make or break the experience in a myriad of ways. Make sure that you travel with others who have a similar golf ability level to yourself and are equally interested in the sport. There are usually discounts available for couples, large groups and corporate breaks. Remember that wherever you are, you should follow the rules of the course you’re playing on and behave respectfully towards other golfers.

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