How To Save On Travel

November 5, 2015 • Travel Tips • Views: 3685

Traveling abroad is a dream for many people, but how do we turn these dreams into reality? Prospective travelers have a variety of fees to stress themselves out about, with airfare prices in a constant state of escalation and accommodations often hard come to by. You can use coupons to save on your airfare and hotels or look for some promo codes for Kohl’s on Discountrue to get luggage and other necessities on a budget, but the following list provides you with some additional tips on how to keep your travel costs from ballooning out of control.


Choose The Time Of Year Wisely

Saving money on your airfares is often as easy as choosing a time of year when no one else wants to travel. Waiting for the summer seasons or the holidays will cause a massive spike in your expenses. Avoiding peak travel days and times of year is how experienced travelers save money. The day of the week matters as well. Cheaper domestic flights can be bought on weekend afternoons and Tuesday/Wednesday mornings.

Sign Up For Email Alerts

When you want to save money on your travel expenses, you must strike while the iron is hot. As such, it behooves you to sign up for email alerts from any number of discount airfare sites. Airfarewatchdog is a popular choice and if you do not wish to sign up for email alerts, you can also follow them on their social media accounts. There is also the added bonus of learning more about what entails a good deal.

Pay Attention To Baggage Fees

The majority of airlines do not allow your bags to fly for free. In order to avoid these cumbersome fees during the course of your travels, Southwest Airlines and JetBlue are both great choices. Southwest allows their passengers to fly with two bags and JetBlue allows one, although they are on the verge of introducing a new policy. The SmarterTravel website provides a comprehensive list of the fees that each major airline will saddle you with, so be sure to do your homework.


Change Hotels

While the idea of changing hotels in the middle of a stay may not be palatable to some, there are many hotels that offer their clientele a much cheaper price for a weekday stay. For example, let’s say you are planning to visit a city from Wednesday through Sunday. By taking the time to research price, you just may find that one hotel provides a much better rate for the weekend, while another offers a low price for weekday stays.

Hurricane Season? Who Cares!

If you are willing to defy hurricane season, you can realize great savings on your travel plans. Starting on June 1 (and running through November 30), cruise lines offer discounted rates to those who are willing to brave the elements. Best of all, most ships are able to navigate around any bad weather you might be forced to experience.



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