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December 5, 2023 • Travel Tips • Views: 669

Most people will have heard of a stag do and a hen do, otherwise known as bachelor or bachelorette parties, and have enjoyed the fun and frivolity attendees have on them.

A term many people might not be familiar with, however, is a Sten do. What is it? And what does it involve?

Here we will explore what a Sten do is and the dynamics of these unique types of parties.

What is a Sten do?

A Sten do is a combined stag and hen party, where both fiancés host their celebratory pre-wedding parties at the same time and at the same location.

This type of party is becoming increasingly popular, with both sides of the aisle not wanting to miss out on one big celebration. There is evidence to suggest some people are losing interest in the stag do and hen do division.

Traditionally, men would have their stag do separately from the women’s hen do. However, there are no rules in place so you have the flexibility to do it however you like.

The term Hag do has also made its way into common parlance and means the same thing as a Sten do. Infinity Weekends has plenty of experience handling the organising of events for large groups, no matter who is attending. We aim to accommodate to everybody’s taste and figure out the best way for everybody to enjoy themselves.

What do people do for a Sten do?

The proceedings at a Sten do are very similar to that of a stag do or a hen do. It often involves drinking alcohol, playing fun games, and maybe exciting or adventurous activities.

Flying away to a beach resort for a long weekend, a city break in the UK or in Europe, or something a little unique like footgolf are events that people like to get involved with on a Sten do. Comedy clubs, cocktail creating, quad biking, archery, or an organised pub crawl are other ideas you could consider to get the festivities going.

Plus, there is the unique opportunity to play games you wouldn’t necessarily be able to play without the other sex, like the Mr. and Mrs. game.

Like a hen do or stag do, one or two dedicated people will organise the event (usually not the bride-to-be or groom-to-be, strictly speaking) and inform everybody of the details and arrangements made.

It could also be a more budget-friendly idea for couples who want to have a joint party rather than forking out on two separate events. You can plan room shares, get greater discounts on events for larger numbers, and create memories with your partner for life.

A Sten do is a contemporary that is taking the pre-wedding scene by storm. No longer do many couples want to have divided parties that leave the other at home for a few days. If you want to contact us about your Sten do planning for ideas or inspiration, speak to a member of our team today.

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