Knowing the Basics of Horse Trailer – Understanding before you Buy

September 20, 2016 • Travel Tips • Views: 4206

Are you shopping for your horse trailer for the first time? Then leave your worries! There are many online sources there to help you find the right choice of trailer for you.

There are many things to know and understand when you are shopping for the horse trailer. Here follows some basic facts, which you should know before you begin your shopping and don’t forget it’s really important to keep the horse travel care in mind before getting buying anything:

Bumper pull, which is also known as tag along trailer is attached to the truck using hitch affixed to truck’s frame. This comes underneath the rear bumper. The bumper pull trailer can carry up to 4 horses, however it depends on the size of truck and trailer you have.


Gooseneck horse trailer are another type or choice you need to think about. This type of trailer is heavier than tag alongs. This will need a larger truck with truck bed hitch to haul. It is easy to handle this type of trailer. There will be no wind disturbing trailer, as they are heavier. However, this type would consume more fuel and can help you handle more than 2 horses.

Size of the trailer should also be seriously taken into your consideration. The height, width, size and weight of the trailer do matters in the selection process. The height you choose should be appropriate for the horse to stand comfortable and head at its normal height without bowing down. Moreover, remember, that large horses may need wider trailers. There are trailers that come with pony to draft horse size, therefore you can also choose according to the size of your horse.

The stock trailers are the type of open boxes with no any partitions or stalls in it. In this type of trailer, you can simply tie a horse on an angle. Some trailers will have a gate, therefore, there will be two box stall areas in it. Horses that hate travelling in the trailer can ride in this stock trailer, as they are bright and open.

The straight load trailer haul horse with their heads forward and tails to rear of trailer. You can find different types of straight loads haul horse with heads backwards, and this may be easier on the horse, as they can use their haunches to breathe when braking or accelerating the vehicle. Moreover, it is also essential to put horse backwards in regular straight load trailer.

The sealants are another choice used. This will have more storage space and you can fit more than one horse on smaller trailer. However, the design of the stall will also matter in this. You can find two main types of slant trailer, in which horses stand at 45 degree angle to the road, but in reverse slant load. This type is best for the horses to travel for long distance without going tired.

You can use the online sources such as to get the best horse trailer as per your needs.

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