Leeds, one of the fastest evolving British cities

March 23, 2016 • Travel Tips • Views: 2626

Leeds is one of the fastest evolving British cities, with a glitzy personification of revived northern self confidence. Leeds has now become a shopping destination for travellers from all around the world. And once you are done with the pleasures of shopping, the city offers a surfeit of clubs, restaurants and pubs to relax and enjoy life. But amidst all these are some very significant places that all tourists consider a must visit. These places are what make Leeds one of the most visited places in United Kingdom.  They include:


St John the Evangelist’s Church

One of the finest churches in Leeds, built in 1634 is the St John the Evangelist’s Church. Also known as the Willows, what makes this the finest are the two naves interior, pulpit, rood screen and stalls.

Civic Quarter

Known as the hub of Leeds, the Civic quarter is a pedestrian area surrounded by many statues of inventors and royalty. In close proximity are the Town Hall and the Joseph Priestly Church. Although often it is very busy, the Civic Quarter is certainly worth the visit.

The Royal Armouries

The Royal Armouries is one of Britain’s national museums. Covering a period of about 3,000 years, the museum showcases five galleries filled with 8,500 on-display objects. It becomes a must-visit place with its live demonstrations and breathtaking historical re-enactments.

Kirkstall Abbey and Museum

Residing in the Aire Valley, the abbey was built in 1152. Today, what is left of the picturesque place includes a roofless church, a preserved charterhouse, narrow choir, kitchen, reflector and a ruined tower.


Getting Around in Leeds


The bus system in Leeds is a commendable thing about the city. Right on schedule and a comfortable ride, what more can one ask for? There are also multiple hop-on hop-off buses, so travellers can use this means of travel whenever they like.


One of the best in the entire world, the railway system like the bus system in Leeds is unmatchable. The trains are well-maintained and their arrivals and departures are on time. All those who are planning a trip on the railway must purchase a travel card which allows unlimited access to travelling on the train for a week.

Taxis and private hires

There are number of different taxi services available in Leeds. Not only can the black traditional taxis be seen on roads, many also prefer the services of a private hire vehicle (minicabs) these days. These modern vehicles often offer more comfortable means of transport with additional facilities such as Wi-Fi, which make them a popular choice of business and leisure travellers alike. There are so many minicab companies on the road, it is difficult to choose which company to book with. There are some websites that helps out with this however, such as the quote comparison and booking site Minicabit, where quotes can be compared between different private hire agencies and you can find the cheapest quote around.


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