Let’s Settle the Debate: Is It Better to Have Carpet or Carpet Alternatives in Your Jeep?

March 4, 2018 • Travel Tips • Views: 2004

Whether you’re a hardcore jeeper conquering the great outdoors or depend on your vehicle for day-to-day transport needs, you’re probably no stranger to mud, snow, dirt, grass and other kinds of grime. Yet it’s not just your tires, brakes or chassis that needs to be ready to weather your ride over those types of terrain. Interior carpets and other surfaces can take a serious beating during the daily grind, weekend excursions, errands or anything else your life throws at you. If you’re pondering about whether carpet or Jeep carpet alternatives are a better option for your machine, here are a few things to consider.


Carpet Alternatives Deliver Several Benefits

Jeep owners typically concern themselves about two things when it comes to the carpet or carpet alternatives installed in their vehicles: durability and ease of maintenance. Daily commuters who don’t use their Jeeps for hard outdoor work or play may be tempted to stick to traditional OE carpet. Nevertheless, the messes left behind by kids or pets may prompt them to change their minds. On the other hand, many synthetic floor kits and bed liners offer a carpet-like look with some added features:

  • Stain, UV and fade resistance
  • Ability to repel water
  • Rugged materials that withstand rips, tears and impacts
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Stylish color choices

Keep in mind that many kits and liners come in a comparable thickness to standard original manufacturer carpet, so you won’t sacrifice comfort or aesthetics in your vehicle. Not only that, swapping out to a carpet alternative now can save you replacement costs in the long run.

The Best Interiors for Your Jeep

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