Peru: A Budget Friendly Destination

January 17, 2014 • Travel Tips • Views: 5636

Traveling the world and seeing places that are unique and haunting in their beauty can be an amazing thing for your soul. And while most of the people may choose to go on vacation in places that are overly popular (such as large European capitals and various types of resorts), others choose to travel differently – on a budget.

Travelling on a budget can definitely be a true headache and a blissful thing at the same time. On the one hand, it will give you a lot of trouble trying to find the best budget-friendly solutions for your destination. On the other hand though, this means that you get to do all the traveling you want to without spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on it.


Peru: Where “Magic” and “Realism” Blend In

Undoubtedly, Latin America has a very, very special kind of appeal and it is one of the most beloved travel destinations for those seeking for history and for a different culture. There are so many absolutely awe-inspiring places to see in Peru that it will be difficult not to want to see them all. However, Machu Picchu, the Inca Trail leading there and the Sacred Valley are absolute “must-see” spots if you ever land on the Peruvian land.

Even more, if you want to discover some of Peru’s more recent jewels, do not miss out on Lima, for it will actually be food for thought and for your eyes as well. If you’re not sure where to start, perhaps you should consider setting something up through Peru For Less. From its amazing Cathedral to its streets, everything will be rich, sun-bathed and beautiful in the highest sense of the word. Monasteries, National Reserves, museums – you name it and Peru will have something unique for you..

How Budget-Friendly Is Peru, Actually?

Traveling “on a budget” can always be understood rather subjectively. For some of the people out there, hitchhiking and couchsurfing are the true “budget-friendly” ways of traveling. For others, it is traveling in their mini-van. And for other people out there it means traveling on bargain hunts (such as getting cheaper plane tickets and an offer on decent accommodation).

Peru House

The price of getting to Peru can obviously depend a lot on where you come from. While it may certainly be cheaper for a North American than for someone from the Eastern Europe for example, it will be important that you hunt for the best periods to find cheaper plane tickets to get you there.

As for other prices, the key is going far from the tourist-beaten track. You can get “menus” at less than US$2 each (and this means eating decently, in some sort of cheap local restaurant). Furthermore, you can get accommodation that is fairly cheap if you are willing to either share a bedroom (if you’re traveling in a larger group of friends) or a bathroom, for example. You can find hostels offering private rooms for 1 persons that go as low as little above US$15, but the most important thing is to get out of those highly “touristic” areas. Even more, if you are travelling with more friends and you want to stay more in one place (Lima, for example), you can even rent an entire apartment with as low as $35/night.


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