Planning for Long-Term Travel: What you need to know

February 15, 2016 • Travel Tips • Views: 3218

There’s plenty of reasons to go travelling for a long time; not only can you finally get away from the daily grind you get to experience a wealth of different and often life-changing sights and sounds. The practicalities of this though you might feel are a stumbling block for you realising your ambitions. Help is at hand however in this useful post, here you’ll find a checklist of aspects to consider to get you on your way.


Do your research first

Travelling long-term isn’t like going on a two week holiday, it’s something you really need to commit to, so you need to be 100% this is what you want to do. If you’re not completely sure, it’s worth doing some research into what it’s like to travel for so long. Scour online forums and look for testimonies from people who’ve done this to get a reliable insight into it. You may need to look into housing or what to do with your current property. There are many opportunities such as this guardian housing scheme. It is Key to do your research.

Deciding where you want to go

Once you’ve made up your mind, the next decision(s) to make is about to where you intend to go. Roughly plan out your route between major destinations and look at how long you want to stay there. Also look at any potential short-term work placements or camps at these places, these are often specifically tailored to those looking to travel.

Budgeting for your travels

With the above, you can then also roughly work out how much you think you will need for each stop, on top of your accommodation expenses.


Get the right documentation

Certain countries will require visas and international clearance before you are legally allowed to stay and visit. Also if you intend to work you might need to obtain a permit, so be sure to check with customs and border control now, to make sure you have the documents required. Also, make sure your passport is in date!

Save, save, save

Last but not least, you should start saving. Since you’ll be gone for a long time it’s worth having a good clear out and selling everything you don’t need from your property to clothes, cars and other non-essential belongings. Scrimp and save as much as you can so you won’t be out of pocket on the other side of the world.

With all the above in mind, all there’s left for you to do now is put your plans into action and get ready to enjoy what will undoubtedly be an incredible experience.



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