Safest Locations for Solo Travellers

March 18, 2021 • Travel Tips • Views: 2043

There are so many beautiful places in the world, but some of them stand out when it comes to solo travelling. 

The locals are warm and welcoming to tourists, the food is fresh and delicious, and the sights are something that you wish you could soak in forever. 

So, where are those places, and what makes them a must? 

New York

We have all heard horror stories about America, but it is a big place! New York is busy, bustling and heaving with things to do. 

All of this means that for the solo traveller, it is impossible to get bored or hungry. 

What makes New York so easy to be in is that most people speak English, and you aren’t likely to have too many communication issues. 

Due to the number of tourists that it gets every day, there are thousands of reviews to read so you can get the lowdown on every area. 

Added bonus? If you live in participating countries, you can get a visa waive from

Nepal, Annapurna circuit

Travelling to Nepal is a badge of honour for those who want to experience some unique culture and scenery. 

Annapurna Circuit is a two week (or more) hiking loop in Nepal. Every day there are many people who catch the bus to ride to the departure point. 

This means you will be rubbing shoulders with people who are all on a mission to walk, explore and breathe some fresh air. 

Hikers are people on a mission. They are there to hike, sightsee and plan their next big adventure. Not only that, but they are supportive and will cheer you on if you need it. 

Canada, Quebec

They are known as some of the nicest people in the world, eh! The people of Canada are some of the friendliest you are going to meet in your lifetime. 

Surrounded by breathtaking scenery, Quebec is high up on the list of places great for solo travellers. 

With plenty of safe walking paths, well maintained wild parks, and plenty of accommodation, it is impossible not to feel safe here. 

What food do you have to eat in Quebec? Easy! Go for the poutine. What is poutine? It is a delicious dish of fries, topped with cheese curds and slathered in brown gravy. 

Iceland, Reykjavik

Reykjavik makes a list because Iceland is ranked as the safest country in the world according to Vision of Humanity. Nice!

In fact, it is so safe you are likely to see babies sleeping outside in prams and cars left running with the keys in the ignition as people nip in to grab some groceries. 

The landscape is some of the most beautiful you’re likely to experience, and they have some of the best adventure guides available. 

If you want to extend your trip or get on the road for a while, Iceland has some of the best road-tripping opportunities


The tourists that come to the Galapagos come with the understanding that they are there to adhere to rules and see the animals. 

While you are there, you will be bumping into animal enthusiasts. And something that sts the Galapagos apart is that they are all about animal welfare. They have a range of rules and regulations to protect the animals. 

So people who visit are also conservation-minded. 

The revenue from tourism helps keep the island in a solid financial position to look after it’s inhabitants. 

Friendly and fun!

New Zealand

New Zealand is very proud of its people and how gorgeous the island is in general. If you have ever enjoyed a Viking movie or Lord of The Rings, then this landscape is a sight for sore eyes indeed. 

Although it isn’t a big place, there is plenty to see and do here. 

Active volcanoes, huge lakes, beaches that look like they were designed from a daydream. 

New Zealand is considered the 4th safest country in the world. It is a firm favourite with backpackers and solo travellers too. 

Want to try the most delectable dish in New Zealand? For meat-eaters, you have to try any of the seafood or lamb. If meat isn’t your bag, you can skip it and head straight for the wine and cheese. 

New Zealand has some of the most delicious cheese and wine combinations you could try. 


A country that is voted one of the most peaceful countries in the world and charges a premium for plastic bags is bound to be safe. 

In most areas, Switzerland looks like it is directly out of a postcard, and it isn’t hard to see why so many people fall in love with it. 

It tops the charts as one of the safest places for people to travel alone. 

This safe haven has plenty of delectable treats to offer travellers too. 

Don’t even consider getting back on the plane until you have had a real Swiss fondue and the rich, warming Tartiflette dish. 


A complete melting pot of modern technology and traditions as old as time. Japan is a big place to go and soak up some real culture. 

In terms of cities, you would do well to visit Osaka, modern but brimming with character and has plenty to do. 

Tokyo is usually top of the travelling list, though, as it is one of the world’s most organised and cleanest cities. 

Japan ranks higher among the most peaceful countries than Switzerland, at number 6. 

Osaka is on the map for one of the destinations that foodies adore. So what is on the menu, what should you be eating? Yakiniku & Horumon is a Japanese BBQ. This selection of grilled meats is made to perfection, the Japanese way. 

If you’d rather skip the BBQ, then you can get vegetable tempura, zaru soba Japanese curry in most places too. 

Travelling alone is something that many people want to do. Choosing a country that is known for being safe and clean is an essential step in ensuring that you get the vacation of your dreams and as stress-free as possible. 

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