Saving Money on Work Travel: 5 Top Tips for Businesses

July 28, 2021 • Travel Tips • Views: 1517

Traveling for business can get expensive if you’re an employer who needs to frequently send employees away. While this travel is affordable (if not free) for the employees, someone has to foot the bill, and if you’re the business owner, that person is you.

But how can you save on expenses for work travel when it’s so necessary? Where can you cut costs without ruining the experience for your employees or causing unnecessary stress?

We’re here to give you some ideas. Keep reading to learn all about how to save money while your employees are traveling for work.

Find Discounted Lodging

While many hotels offer better rates to return business customers, it’s not always enough to keep your costs at a reasonable level. You have other options.

You can look into team housing on a site like, or even look into discounted hotels that aren’t on your normal lists. Look for Groupons and specials to get the most out of your money.

Offer Employee Incentives

Have you noticed that some employees seem to need a lot more in reimbursements than others?

While most employees are responsible, once in a while they may get out of hand with their spending. When it’s on the company dime, they may forget that it’s coming out of someone’s pocket.

Instead of punishing employees, offer incentives to ones that adhere to their budgets (or go below them). This can be in the form of paid sick days or a special prize.

Use Flexible Travel

When you or your employees adhere to strict travel dates, you’re doing your business a disservice. While sometimes it’s important that your employee is at their destination at a specific time, aiming for a bit of wiggle room utilizing mobility solutions can help you save money and hassle for your employers.

Keeping flexible dates opens you up to more affordable flights and hotels. There are times even within the week that flights and hotels are more expensive because they’re more popular.

For example, traveling on a Friday is often more expensive than traveling on a Tuesday. Encouraging flexibility allows you to get those weekday discounts.

Keep an Eye on Flight Discounts

Too many employers make the mistake of using the same airline company every time they fly one of their employees out for business travel. Even if that company is well-known for high-quality business travel, that doesn’t mean that it’s the best choice.

There are plenty of sites devoted to finding you affordable flights, and you can also take advantage of budget airlines.

Check for sites that send you notifications for when a cheap flight to your desired business destination shows up and you’ll be shocked at how much money you save.

Save Money on Work Travel Today

Work travel doesn’t have to break the bank. Help your employees get the most out of their business trips without overspending by using one or more of our top tips to cut your travel costs.

Between affordable lodging, employee incentives, and cheap flights, you can save hundreds.

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