Staying Safe Online Whilst Travelling

April 9, 2021 • Travel Tips • Views: 1404

We travel to see all of the new sights and hear all of the new sounds, but there are some things that remain a constant no matter where we go, whether travelling for leisure or for work our need to remain online never changes. But when you’re travelling around, there are plenty of different rules and regulations for what you can and cannot access, and how your security is handled online too – it’s important to know how to stay safe online no matter where you’re travelling to, so you aren’t met with any unexpected surprises that could turn your day upside down.

Be careful with your use of VPN’s – You’ve likely seen all of the adverts on your favourite YouTube videos and livestreams as advertisements for different VPN’s have only increased in recent years and usership has went through the roof, in many instances it has become more common that a user has access to a VPN than doesn’t these days. However, not all countries take the same view on covering your access in this way and it’s important to read ahead on whether or not using one could have consequences for you – check ahead of time and don’t forget to turn it off if your research determines you shouldn’t be using one. If that makes you feel uneasy, then it might be a good idea to avoid these countries, especially if you want to ensure your security online as you travel solo. Whether you take a look at a vpn free download pc, or prefer buying a VPN, you want to ensure that you are safe, so think about what matters most to you.

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That goes for some sites too – Whether it be your favourite social media platform, your regular viewing message board, or your favourite online game with the rise of things like no verification online casinos found here – but the same is true for some VPN’s where depending on where you are they may not be too fond of your access here. Particularly for the latter with gaming apps and sites, as there will be some countries that take a bit of a closer look toward some of these services that others and can carry a hefty fine. Much like VPN’s, read ahead of time to find out any specific restraints, and work around that.

Be a little more vigilant with your connection – You’ll be relying on your data or publicly available internet a lot more when out on your travels, and if you are somewhere that doesn’t allow access to VPN’s or other online protection you may be a little more exposed than you’re used to, particularly when handling personal information or information for work too. With this is mind, you’ll have to make sure you’re a little more careful than usual. There are things you can use, browser extensions for script blocking for example, but be sure to use whatever you can without being exposed to breaking any of the rules.

With a remote working future and the potential to be working from wherever you’d like to in the near future, along with the exciting opportunities for travel that may be apparent moving forward too, there’s plenty of travel close by in the near future, so be sure you’re prepared with your online presence and the best ways to stay as safe as possible during your trip.

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