The Best Time to Visit Costa Rica: A Travel Guide

April 22, 2022 • Travel Tips • Views: 905

Since the country reopened its borders in August 2020, Costa Rica’s tourist industry has welcomed over 1,3 million visitors. This figure makes it one of the top five most visited destinations for 2021.

Costa Rica offers a wonderful tropical escape from reality and is the ultimate destination for both relaxing and active vacations. Tropical jungles don’t flourish without their quota of rain, though.

So if you’re planning a trip to Costa Rica, you need to take the seasons into account. Keep reading to discover the best time to visit Costa Rica if you’re looking to enjoy clear skies and warm weather.

The Climate of Costa Rica

Rain is inevitable in most countries, and Costa Rica doesn’t experience a monsoon season like many other tropical destinations. Rainy patches usually occur in the afternoon, and there are still many activities you can enjoy during these spells.

The average temperature in Costa Rica is between 75 °F and 85 °F, and it never snows, so you won’t get cold during your trip.

The Seasons in Costa Rica

Costa Rica does not have four clear seasons like everywhere else. Rather, it experiences only a dry season from December through April and a rainy season from May to the end of November.

In terms of tourism, the country has three seasons, namely:

  • Peak season from 1 December to 30 April
  • Shoulder season from 1 May to 31 July
  • Low season from 1 August to 30 November

Peak season coincides with the dry, rainless months, and that’s when most people decide to visit Costa Rica. As a result, it’s the busiest and most expensive time of the year.

It can also get very hot at this time, with temperatures soaring above 100 °F at times.

The Best Time to Visit Costa Rica and Avoid the Crowds

If you’re planning a more subdued trip to Costa Rica, it’s best to travel during the shoulder season. You’ll still enjoy great weather, although it’s not as hot.

There are fewer tourists around at this time of year and accommodation is more affordable too. Cooler weather and fewer crowds make it easier to maximize your stay on the island.

It’s still hot enough for the beach, yet it’s cool enough to explore hikes and walks along the shore or the jungles. In cooler temperatures, Costa Rica’s wildlife is more active, too, adding an extra element to your explorations.

According to, you can encounter toucans, sloths, and monkeys on an ordinary day walking through the forest. These sightings are far more likely in cooler weather with fewer people around.

You’ll still find plenty of things to do in Costa Rica during the rainy season. You can even indulge in beach days if you head to the dry Caribbean coast.

When Should You Plan Your Trip to Costa Rica

Deciding on the best time to visit Costa Rica depends entirely on your preferences and budget. Visiting Costa Rica is a treat any time of the year if you want to experience more than the beach during your stay.

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