Today’s Top Game-Changing Apps and Gadgets for Trouble-Free Travels

December 21, 2016 • Travel Tips • Views: 2207

Travel is something we all take for granted, but it has the potential to cause us lots of headaches. We rely on mechanical devices to get us to our destination. Cars, buses, boats, trains and planes are all prone to occasional malfunctions. That can result in us being delayed, or forced to make alternative travel arrangements, which is where the best travel apps can help. Being connected gives us the power to quickly modify plans. Here are some great apps that you can check out.


Weather is probably responsible for more travel disruption than anything else. On the roads, conditions can deteriorate so much through fog, ice or rain that accidents are inevitable, with the resultant holdups. Weather can also play havoc with plane schedules. Using a detailed weather app can let you see where disruptions are likely, and can let you choose alternative routes to avoid the worst places. 

Speeding you through passport control

If you leave the country, you will have to come through Immigration and Customs control on your return. In some of the busier airports, it can take hours to get through, the last thing you want after a tiring journey. The Mobile Passport app, available for iOS and Android devices, can get you through Immigration and Customs in a fraction of the normal time. You will find Mobile Passport Express lines at 20 of the country’s biggest airports.  

Other apps

There are plenty of other apps to make life easier when you need to travel. We all appreciate the good job airport security officials do to keep us safe, but the in-depth security can lead to delays. You don’t want to miss your flight because you are stuck in a long line at airport security. 

MiFlight lets you type in your airport, terminal and gate details and comes back with estimated wait times in security. Knowing that lines are long means you can set off earlier to avoid problems. My TSA is similar, and also keeps you informed about what items are prohibited at your airport.

When you need to book flights, the most expensive place to do so is likely to be at the airline desk in the airport. It is usually better to use an app like LuckyTrip to find the best prices. Use it to find flights, accommodation and to find recommendations on what to do at more than 300 popular destinations. If you want somebody else to do the work for you, then TripScope is the app to have. The app connects you to a real agent. You provide the information about what you want and the agent will find your flights or accommodation. 

Wiffinity is an easy-to-use app that automatically scans for Wi-Fi hot spots, letting you stay connected without paying overly expensive roaming charges. 

Download these apps now to streamline your travel planning. Using them can mean the difference between overcoming obstacles or missing important meetings. Even where you cannot get to your destination on time, being connected means you can keep everybody else informed and quickly reschedule.

Chelsea Metcalfe is a keen backpacker who has explored Europe and South America so far. She plans to visit Australia next year and enjoys planning what she’ll do and see. Her travel articles appear on a selection of travel blogs all over the web.

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