Top Gifts To Buy Family When You’re Traveling

June 17, 2019 • Travel Tips • Views: 2064

Just because you’re overseas, doesn’t mean you should forget your loved ones birthdays. Too many of us just receive junk mail and bills in our letter boxes, so can you imagine how nice it will be for that person you care about to receive a real gift in their mail box on their special day? The Internet has made it easier than ever to buy gifts when you’re far from home, so whether you’re hunting for a nice father’s day gift, something special for your mom, or a birthday gift for your younger sibling, here are some gift ideas I’m sure they will love:

1. Delivery Based Gifts
Why not purchase a regular subscription to coffee or wine for your parents? I love both, so would be happy to receive either, but the idea of a subscription is so exciting to me. Each week or month – depending on what service you choose – you can open your front door to see your package waiting for you. No popping to the grocery store, standing in line and buying it – it’s automatic! With a coffee subscription service you know that they’re getting the best quality coffee regularly to their door and you’re getting a great price. If you feel like spending a little more, if it’s a special celebration, why not consider investing in an espresso machine from

2. Gift Cards
I personally love receiving and giving gift cards – it’s a bit more thoughtful than money because it shows that you know where they love to shop, but it has all the advantages of allowing the receiver to buy something they really want and will treasure. I find this the perfect gift for younger people, especially friends or family in that teen age group who are notoriously hard to buy for. If you’re shopping for a woman, some fun gift cards they’ll likely love include Sephora, Target, their favourite clothing stores, Nordstrom and for a man, I find that Amazon is one of the best because you can find basically anything there! The easiest way to know what to buy for someone in terms of a gift card, is to buy one from where they usually shop.

3. Flowers
I love sending flowers for special occasions, even if I’m in the middle of a trip overseas. There are so many occasions where flowers are just the perfect gift or way to show your loved ones you’re thinking of them. If someone loses a loved one, flowers can be a great way to brighten their home and show them that they’re on your mind. Likewise flowers are also perfectly appropriate for happy occasions such as the birth of a new baby, an engagement, wedding, or even a birthday. I love sending flowers as it’s thoughtful way to show you care and timeless! I also like to send our hosts a bouquet of flowers for hosting us, but I send them a few days after we leave.

Sending surprise gifts in the mail is so much fun and the perfect way to remind your loved ones that matter how far you are, they’re always on your mind.

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