Top Tips for a Luxury Holiday

January 30, 2022 • Travel Tips • Views: 5984

Luxury holidays are pampering at its finest. Most of the people out there can only afford to dream about going on a luxury holiday, some manage to get there once or twice during their lifetime, while the very few remaining ones experience such holidays on a regular basis. Regardless of whether you are planning to go on such a holiday or if you are just dreaming of it (like the vast majority of us), you may have wondered at least once: what is it that makes a luxury holiday, well, luxurious? What are those tips that luxury holiday goers know and appreciate?

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The Location

There are places out there that simply yell “luxury”. Of course, they can be visited on a more budget-friendly approach as well, but even so, they will still be luxurious. The Maldives, the Caribbean Isles, the French Riviera – all these places are perfect even when taken alone. The scenery will look torn out of a painting, the sea will be of the bluest blue possible and the sands are always welcoming. The clubs are all high class, the architecture is stunning and everything is just perfect. If you’re looking for a very luxurious hotel for your holiday, Elegant Resorts Luxury Holidays is the perfect place to start.

The Service

You can go on the French Riviera, but you will not be able to actually call it a “luxury holiday” until you are serviced royally. This is one of the most important things that comprise a luxury holiday and if you are planning one, then do expect to get a fairly large amount of money out of your pocket just for the services – of course, that if you really want the luxury.



If you’re looking for a luxurious way to travel, consider hiring a scooter to explore the island. This is the perfect option for those who want to see as much of the island as possible in a short amount of time. You’ll be able to visit all of the hidden gems that are off the beaten path, and you’ll have a more relaxed experience than if you were trying to walk or take public transportation. Have a look at motorcycle hire gran canaria to assist you. 

You don’t go on a luxury holiday crammed in a bus with 40 other people. Most of the organised luxury holidays will include plane tickets and sometimes, they will even include transportation from the airport to the hotel in a – yes, you guessed it right – luxury car. If you are planning a honeymoon or a special anniversary somewhere far from the madding crowd where Heaven feels just as palpable as your toes, then you should think of some magnificent way to arrive there as well. Did you know that you can fly private without private jet fractional ownership? You can find empty-leg flights (that is to say connecting flights where there won’t actually be anyone on the aircraft) for a price that sometimes isn’t much more than the price of a first class ticket. However you choose to get there in style, just know that it’s not for the other tourists that you should do this – but for your own benefit!


Luxury holidays are not just about lying on the perfectly golden sands and watching the perfectly blue waves. They can be anywhere in the world (where high class is present at least) and each of the luxurious spots out there comes with its own luxurious activities. Therefore, the spas there will not be simple massage parlors, but true pampering centers where every single inch of your body will thank God for the gracious hands massaging it. The clubs will not be just crammed rooms, but places for the elites. The Malls will be full of expensive items, the cinemas will offer complimentary pillows and the restaurants will have at least one Michelin star and they will usually be located in those kind of places that simply take one’s breath away (such as on top of the television tower, above everyone else in the city).

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