Top Tips for Choosing Accommodation in Mykonos

September 20, 2021 • Travel Tips • Views: 2653

Mykonos is one of the most popular places to visit in the Greek islands. Hundreds of people choose to visit this island every year and you need to ensure that you are getting the best possible accommodation possible. Here are some tips and tricks to ensure that you can always find the best place to stay on this beautiful island.

Book Early

The early bird catches the worm and the early holiday planner gets the best room. Due to its popularity as a destination, the many hotels and apartments of Mykonos can sell out faster than you could blink.

There is very little chance that you will be able to snag a nice little last-minute deal here. You ideally want to book at least four to six months in advance. This will give you plenty of time to find the perfect place to stay at a great price. In the months running up to your holiday, you can also find all the little extra activities you want to do.


Decide Where You Want to Stay

Accommodation can vary wildly depending on where you want to spend your time. You could rent villas in Mykonos Town to be right on the cusp of the action or you could opt for a private suite on a cliff overlooking the sea.

Remember that if you stay near the party areas then it is likely to be noisy all night. Unless you are planning to be out all day and all night, you are probably going to struggle to sleep while everyone else is having a good time.

Likewise, if you do decide to be a little way away from the action, how are you going to get in and out if you want to go party? The roads in Mykonos can be twisty and steep; not the best for the inexperienced. Many choose to get around using quad bikes but there are few regulations surrounding these meaning that people will quite often drink and drive. Never put yourself in that position and be wary of driving at night due to others.

You might also want to stay somewhere with easy access to some of Mykonos’s best sites. For example, staying in close proximity to the Agios Ioannis beach could give you the chance to escape every now and then to one of the best beaches on the island. With white sands and crystal blue waters, you will feel completely relaxed here. There are great views of the island of Delos and plenty of bars and shops to keep you fed and watered during your day at the beach.

Alternatively, you could head to Elia beach near Mykonos town. This 10km stretch of sand is popular with holidaymakers, honeymooners, and even the odd celebrity or two. Whether it is a day on the sand or a boat hire to get out and see some of the sites of the island from the water, this beach is a great starting place to do it from.

How to Get There

Luckily, Mykonos’s popularity means that it is incredibly easy to fly there from the UK. Make sure that you book your flights at the same time as you book your accommodation so you are not left disappointed. There are a number of different airlines which offer flights to Mykonos so you can travel easily as best as your budget allows.

If Mykonos is but one stop on your Greek journey, you may prefer to take the ferry. This is an altogether more sedate way to travel and many like to take the ferries to see a little more of the sea and the islands as they slide past. There are regular ferries from Athens to Mykonos and back. It might make for an interesting way to travel if you have a little more time.

You will also need a way to get to and from the airport. While there are few taxis on the island, there is a cheap bus service which can get you around the island if you have a little way to go. You can also hire a car and drive yourself. If you would like a little more of a luxurious experience, you should consider these villas in Mykonos. Not only will you have a beautiful place to stay, but they can also arrange airport transfers to help you get to your accommodation in style.

Your holiday in Mykonos will surely be one of the most relaxing you ever have. This island is teeming with beautiful sights and amazing people, both local and visiting. As with visiting anywhere, just make sure you book everything well in advance so you are not left disappointed. Mykonos is a great place to visit and you will hopefully fall in love and return to visit again and again.

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