Top Travel Essentials for Women in 2018

March 22, 2018 • Travel Tips • Views: 2030

Planning to do plenty of travel this year? As airlines continue to introduce new, stringent baggage rules, it’s getting even more difficult to pack the essentials within these limitations.

It’s definitely possible to pack appropriately, even if you’re someone like me- who is completely unable to pack light. It’s just a matter of prioritising, so here are the top travel essentials for women in 2018:

A decent neck pillow

Sure, men need these too, but it seems like most of the guys I know are pros at sleeping anywhere, while us ladies need a little more help. Don’t rely on the terrible plane pillows, level up to a comfortable neck pillow that will help you snooze. Pro tip: Avoid anything you need to blow up or anything that feels like a beanbag. Go for memory foam every time.


Comfortable clothing

Have you ever packed for a dream trip by planning all your Instagramable moments? I have. And when I spent 14 hours on a plane with no comfortable clothing to be seen, I regretted it. Top on your list of travel essentials? Knix bras (super comfortable for long flights or lots of walking at your destination) sweatpants (great for flights or chilling in your hotel room), warm socks, leggings, and quality shoes.

Packing cubes

I don’t know where I’d be without my packing cubes. These allow you to break down your clothes into outfits or types of clothing and see what you’ve got at a glance. I have three- one for nice “going out” clothes, one for jeans and sweaters, and one for underwear and bras.

I’ll probably get some more this year, as I’ll be doing some carryon flights, and need to maximise the amount of space I have in my little bag.

Diva cup

Ok so I haven’t tried these, but my best friend swears by them. You’ll use them instead of pads or tampons, and can go up to 12 hours without changing the cup- making it perfect if you’re travelling somewhere without great bathroom facilities. I’ve heard great things about these and plan to try them this year, so I’ll let you know how they go!

Workout gear

You can easily bring along a yoga mat, resistance bands, and your gym clothes to help you stay active on the go. There are plenty of great workouts available on YouTube, and you can also use a number of free apps if you’re looking for new workout ideas.



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